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Her Druid Temptation (The Amber Druid Series #0.5) by Trish F. Leger Link - click HERE

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Paranormal, Romance

He’s always been her temptation…will she finally give in? Liana Morgan is the consummate business woman, buttoned-up, strait-laced, and very in tune with every aspect of her restaurants. She is closed off from emotional entanglements of any kind, not letting a single distraction slip under her skin. Now she’s in New Orleans, tying up the last few loose ends with a new restaurant, when her one temptation strolls, oh-so-casually, back into her life. Traven Campbell is an AMBER DRUID like her, and the one man she’s never been able to completely block from her mind. Every molecule of her ‘good girl’ persona wants him, and always has, but it’s not enough for her…or is it? Traven Campbell is a player, and proud of it. He’s easy-going, laid-back, and an expert bachelor. But even womanizers have jobs. His latest is shadowing a target for the New Orleans P.D. But while on the watch, he’s shocked to see Liana, the one woman he’s never managed to coerce into bed, WITH his target. Determined to find answers, Traven confronts Liana, and soon business and pleasure are mixing with the sultry heat of New Orleans. Will Liana finally give in? Will Traven be able to tempt her beyond her invisible moral line? Or will Traven’s target call the final shot?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

This is a short novella which introduces you to the Amber Druids, an ancient race of both men and women who each have their own intrinsic gifts. Liana and Traven are two Amber Druids who are both living in New Orleans. Liana is a restauranteur and Traven is a P.I. They meet again when Liana has a meeting with a person that Traven is following. They have known each other for 50 years but each of them thought that nothing would ever happen, for their own reasons. This is a short, passionate, love story that I have enjoyed and I can't wait to read the rest in the series. This novella is enough to give you a taste, and leave you wanting more, of the Amber Druids. I want to know more about them!

* Verified Purchase - August 2012 *


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Trish Leger lives in South Louisiana and also has a full time job--other than the writing. She is married and from a loving, boisterous family. Since food is so important in the south, it is also important to her, ranking right up there with writing, reading and watching movies. Writing with a strong sensual bent, intent on capturing the growing relationship between a couple falling in love, Trish adds warmth and emotion to her stories. She is a fan of everything from Drama to Historical Romance. Please visit her on Facebook under Trish F Leger-author. Or email her at

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