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Her Druid Desire (The Amber Druid Series #1) by Trish F. Leger Link - click HERE

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Paranormal, Romance

At the tender age of sixteen, Nadia Morales loses both of her parents in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Growing up as a ward of the state of Texas, she was shy and painfully introverted. Against all odds, Nadia became one of the youngest CEO’s in the state of Texas. She learned the hard way that putting her trust in the wrong man, an insider in the business world, sometimes gets you nothing but pain and heartache. But sometimes, karma has a way of straightening out those curves life throws at you. Meet Drake Thompson-business owner, Wall Street guru, and good ole Texas playboy- he’s got the requisite amount of ladies fawning over him to prove it. Since the death of Nadia’s parents, he’s watched out for her, and always kept a keen eye on her business proceedings. He’s never been more proud than when she was named President for the Browning Corporation. He believes his soft spot for her is purely innocent…as that of a family member…but is it? But each of them is hiding something life altering from the other. Nadia…her obsessive love for a man that treats her like a kid sister, and Drake, well, he’s not wholly human. While their secrets marinate in mystery and denials, the pressure builds, culminating in a final revelation of barrier breaking truths. Will Nadia finally be able to have the man of her dreams, or will Drake’s true nature destroy this couple’s chance at love?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Love it!!! This is the first full length novel in the Amber Druid series and is a perfect follow on from the first Novella (Her Druid Temptation). The story line is very well written, the plot is consistent throughout, the characters are well rounded and continue to develop throughout the book. There is tension and attraction between the two main characters which also develops as the male lead tries to combine the young woman he sees in front of him with his memory of the young girl and daughter of his employee that he remembers. Nadia is a strong female lead who refuses to kowtow to Drake and has no problem with pushing his boundaries and telling him when he's wrong! This book had me in tears (in a good way), laughing out loud and completely egging on our main two to get it together. I'm hoping that they will continue to make cameo appearances throughout the series as I would love to know how Nadia continues to develop. Absolutely brilliant and recommended for anyone who likes Paranormal Romance.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *


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Trish Leger lives in South Louisiana and also has a full time job--other than the writing. She is married and from a loving, boisterous family. Since food is so important in the south, it is also important to her, ranking right up there with writing, reading and watching movies. Writing with a strong sensual bent, intent on capturing the growing relationship between a couple falling in love, Trish adds warmth and emotion to her stories. She is a fan of everything from Drama to Historical Romance. Please visit her on Facebook under Trish F Leger-author. Or email her at

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