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Here In Time (The Eternal Athenaeum Chronicles #1) by Stephanie Leigh

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Romance, Time Travel

Cassie Locke’s lifelong dream of visiting the Hotel Royal in Dover, England, has finally come true – except for her sudden arrival in the past. Her world shattered and on her own in late Victorian era England, Cassie discovers she must adjust quickly to her new life should anyone become suspicious of who she really is. Juggling the intricacies of her altered reality and the unbearable rules and edicts dictated by society, Cassie struggles to maintain an outward appearance of composure befitting a lady while dealing with the inner turmoil of losing herself in a life that was never her own. To complicate matters further her attraction for Lucas Fowler leaves her questioning whether or not she would even prefer to return to her own time. Cassie must learn to fight for what she wants while discovering what the future holds for her in the past.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Cassie Locke takes a trip to England, to visit a hotel in Dover, after discovering a postcard from her great times 3 grandma! Only, once she gets there, she isnt there. She has arrived back in time, to the time that the postcard was written. Now, she must try to fit in, remembering all she has seen and read about this era, while trying to figure out WHY she is there. Add Lucas, a set of overbearing parents, and a cute puppy dog called Shadow into the mix, and Cassie needs to decide, should she stay? Written in the first person present tense, its not my favourite sort of book, but after a while, I didnt notice it so much. The book does take a while to get going, but once it does, I loved it! We hear mostly from Cassie. at some points, it switches to Lucas, and changes to the third person. I should have liked some warning for that, as it threw me somewhat. I liked Cassie, and admired how well she dealt with being thrown back in time to the 1880's. Lucas, too, was a lovely person, who took to Cassie from the start. A whole host of sub-characters make this a very enjoyable book. Cassie finds herself fighting to figure out why she is here, what she needs to do, and who she wants. Once thats all sorted, piece of cake, right?? NOT! twists and turns within the book kept me hanging on til the end, and now...i want more!!! I know this is the first in a set of three. however, who, or whats gonna come next, i have no idea, because this book pretty much ended, so as it stands, I'd say a darn good stand alone, with a link to any follow-on books. Certainly worth the 99p/$1.52 that it currently is (Nov 2015)) I look forward to reading what happens next, and hope I dont have to wait too long.

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Stephanie Leigh is the pen name used by the American novelist Stephanie Leigh Loggins. Residing in Alaska these days with her family, when she isn't writing she devotes her free time to exploring the vast wilderness of the last frontier. Stephanie welcomes feedback from her readers. For an authorgraph please visit

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