Lucien (Fueled By Lust #4) by Celeste Prater

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Emperor Lucien Tarquinius agrees to retrieve the future king of a race that annihilated every Insedi female and doomed his planet's future. Why would he do such a thing? Simple. He cannot have his enemy retake the throne and continue the war against Insedivertus. Yet an unexpected encounter changes everything. Just one day away from collecting the reluctant ruler, the royal transport inexplicably disappears from its flight path. As the empire scrambles to find their missing emperor, Lucien embarks on a journey that challenges his intellect, tests his endurance, and pushes his emotions to the breaking point.

Tana Jameson wonders who she pissed off to warrant an investigative assignment aboard a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic. A moment of curiosity jettisons her into an alien world beyond her imagination and directly into the arms of a man stepping right out of her wildest fantasy.

Book 4 in the Fueled By Lust Series compounds the desire to find an Insedi walking amongst us. How can you not want one of these males?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

I am absolutely loving the Fueled by Lust series by Celeste Prater. Before Lucien, I thought that Cato was my favourite. Everyone's best bad boy made me go all gooey inside. But along came the Emperor and changed all that. Lucien has been an interesting character in the three previous books - a warm, caring father obviously still grieving for his lost wife. Well, with this being his book, we get more chance to see what makes him tick. He is simply wonderful. He has a sense of humour that had me chuckling as I read his witty comments. He cares about his guards and basically all the people of his land. Does this make his a sap? Not at all. Does this make him perfect? A big fat no! I have been chuntering "dumbass" to my kindle more times reading Lucien than I have with the three previous books. He thinks he is doing the right thing but I just want to kick him. Luckily, he has some good friends, including unexpected ones, to sort him out and then it's down to him to try and sort things out with Tana (which I won't go into detail with as you REALLY need to read this series for yourself!). So many things to mention in this book but I will limit myself to a very short comment. Ulixes and Kallon!!!! Oh my!!!! I'm thinking my house must be a tad dusty at the moment because my eyes have leaked on more than one occasion during the reading of this. I wasn't crying though, honest. It was dusty, yep, dust got in my eyes. Lucien is sinfully sweet with smokin' hot scenes. Definitely the best Sci-Fi series I've read in a long time! And to answer the question at the end of the Synopsis - I definitely want one of these males!!! Love them

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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I was born and raised in a small town between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin. Wanting to see more than my small Texas town, I joined the Marines, which satisfied my craving to see more of the U.S. and drive to see if I could be one of the few and the proud.

A firm believer in educating the mind, I have achieved several advanced degrees, the latest being a Masters of Science.

My true love is writing erotic romance, especially about alien hunks that know how to treat their females.

Drusus, Severus, Cato, Lucien, Petrus, Maxim, Caelius, and many more have swirled in my dreams until I had to bring them to life and allow them to find love within the pages of the FUELED BY LUST book series.


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