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Dancing Back to You (London Loves #3) by Julie Farrell

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Contemporary Romance, Adult

Sam adores her gorgeous boyfriend Verlaine; he’s a tough guy with a big heart. Their steamy sex-life sizzles in the bedroom, and outside the bedroom Verlaine is caring and courageous. He risked his life a year ago trying to save Sam’s ex from a house fire, but unfortunately he’s now paying the price with PTSD flashbacks and an edgy anxiousness. Verlaine wants nothing more than to make dance-loving Sam happy, but his anxiety and two left feet make that difficult. When he succumbs to a split-second of poor judgment and ruins their night at a friend's wedding, Sam tries to understand, but they both know his self-doubting jealous streak could be as much to blame as his PTSD. Can Verlaine dance his way back into Sam's life (and bed) and learn to cool his temper, before she gives up on him forever? Contains steamy scenes a-plenty! The supporting cast includes a hot gay couple, a powerful woman with a lustful eye on Sam, and a sexy male stripper, who’s willing to teach Verlaine how to dance and how to romance his girl again.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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this is the third book in the series, but its not really necessary to read the other two first, but it would help to get a better insight into the characters. we met Sam and Verlaine in the first book, and this is a continuation of their tale. Verlaine is suffering from PTSD, and is having trouble getting it on with Sam. After a moment of madness, and a decision that spirals them both down, Verlaine has to ask for help. He doesnt want to, but for Sam he will do anything. Oh I loved this one, again, Sam and Verlaine are a cute couple, and they work well together, most of the time! Verlaine tries, bless him, but with one thing and another, wires get crossed, things get misinterpreted and trouble looms. Eva (who i still dont like!) and Charlie (book 2 ) play a large part in this one, and so do Paul and Scott, who get their own book soon! SO some story lines refer to previous book, like it said, it helps to have read the other two books. steamier, with M/M and multi partner fantasy scenes, Ms Farrell is finding her thang! I look forward to catching up with her characters in furture books, they are evolving, grwoing, developing as the series goes on, so I'm hooked!

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