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Erotic Gaze (London Loves #4) by Julie Farrell

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M/M, Contemporary Romance, Adult

Join Scott and Paul on this fun romp into voyeurism and passion. Paul is a handsome entrepreneur who adores his artist husband Scott. They've always agreed to remain exclusive, but they’re starting to crave a bit more in their marriage than online porn and vanilla sex. Paul wonders what it would be like to be watched, thinking this could take their passion to a whole other level. When Scott's favourite artist, Kate Jagger, falls for Paul, thinking he’s the man of her dreams, Scott needs to remind her that Paul belongs to him. Scott realises he can make his mark on his husband by offering Kate the chance to watch them for a one-time-only erotic performance, thus fulfilling Paul’s dreams of being watched and Kate’s dreams of watching two hot men! Fun, romantic, and very very sexy!

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Paul and Scott have been together a long time. They are looking to spice things up a bit. When a client of Scott's takes Paul in a case of mistaken identity, a Mafia man turns up at the art gallery, and Sam (Paul's business partner) goes missing, things take that spicier turn! Paul and Scott appear in previous books in this series. They do make me laugh! This is their short story, approx 100 pages worth of sex, steam and some misconstrued actions! Its funny, its sexy, its oh-no-they-didnt-just-do-that! Its ful of every day boring stuff too, like the decorating that needs doing, and bills need paying, complaining neighbours, and I LOVE that! In an earlier book, I said there wasnt much steam, and here?? WHOA!! lots and lots, its very well written, and quite explicit in places, and not so in others. The gernal plot runs of from Dancing Back to You, with Paul and Sam trying to get their app off the ground, but its not really necessary to read the earlier books. It would HELP, but not needed. Some voyeurism, and full of M/M scenes, it is, as the blurb says, Fun, romantic, and very very sexy! 4 stars

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