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Widdershins (Whyborne & Griffin #1) by Jordan L. Hawk

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M_M, Paranormal, Romance, Historical

Some things should stay buried. Repressed scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne has two skills: reading dead languages and hiding in his office at the Ladysmith Museum. After the tragic death of the friend he secretly loved, he’s ruthlessly suppressed any desire for another man. So when handsome ex-Pinkerton Griffin Flaherty approaches him to translate a mysterious book, Whyborne wants to finish the job and get rid of the detective as quickly as possible. Griffin left the Pinkertons following the death of his partner, hoping to start a new life. But the powerful cult which murdered Glenn has taken root in Widdershins, and only the spells in the book can stop them. Spells the intellectual Whyborne doesn’t believe are real. As the investigation draws the two men closer, Griffin’s rakish charm threatens to shatter Whyborne’s iron control. When the cult resurrects an evil sorcerer who commands terrifying monsters, can Whyborne overcome his fear and learn to trust? Will Griffin let go of his past and risk falling in love? Or will Griffin’s secrets cost Whyborne both his heart and his life?

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Something is stirring in the town of Widdershins, and it shouldn't be. Whyborne, who works at the local muesum deciphering long dead languages and Griffin, and ex-Pinkerton man currently employed to investigate the death of a local man, find themselves fighting all manner of things, not all of them undead. This was a sneaky book! It creeps up on you, like a ninja, and then just wallops about the face with a face paced thriller, with some M/M loving on the side! Cos that what it felt like, the M/M romance took second place to the very well written, well delivered thriller. And I'm not saying this is a bad thing, no ma'am, not at all. Whyborne (cos he doesn't like to be called Percy!) is a repressed male, who is existing. He goes to work, he goes home, and repeat. Meeting Giffin, who has a book the needs translating/deciphering, knocks Whyborne off his axis and throws his a-spinning. Never did he think that Griffin would be feeling the same things he was, and when these two come together, its so well written, emotional, and steamy! The reason why the book needs translating, and all that follows, also crept up on you, and is the reason that I've filed it on my paranormal shelf as well as the crime/thriller one. Because its not clear til very near the end who is doing what, and more importantly, WHY they are doing it. Set in late Victorian times, somewhere around Massachusetts, its full of references to the Witch Trails of Salem, and is full of all the wonderful language of the time. All very formal. I loved that. I also LOVED Christine, a colleague of Whyborne's. So ahead of her time. Book two currently resides on my wishlist, and I'll get there eventually. 4.5 stars

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Jordan L. Hawk grew up in the wilds of North Carolina, where she was raised on stories of haints and mountain magic by her bootlegging granny and single mother. After using a silver knife in the light of a full moon to summon her true love, she turned her talents to spinning tales. She weaves together couples who need to fall in love, then throws in some evil sorcerers and undead just to make sure they want it bad enough. In Jordan’s world, love might conquer all, but it just as easily could end up in the grave.

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