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Polar Nights (Arctic Love #1) by T.T. Kove

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Adult, Contemporary Romance, M/M

Andreas has been in love with Christian for as long as he can remember, but he’s also always known it would remain one-sided. When he travels to Svalbard to take the last years of his Masters, spending time with Christian again brings back those feelings and makes life more than a little awkward.

The very last thing Christian needs is to have a very grown, very stunning Andreas living with him for a few weeks. Even the awkwardness between them is not enough to stop his attraction. Neither is the fact that Andreas is his sister’s stepson.

3 out of 5 (good)

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Andreas has been in love with Christian for a long time. That Christian is Andreas' stepmother's brother means it is not going to go anywhere. When Andreas moves to Christian's home town to finish his Masters Degree, Christian is blown away by the young man who he picks up and Christian realises that the attraction he has hled long inside may well just boil over. A very short, fast paced novella that grabs you and doesnt let go. I just felt maybe it ran TOO fast. I did think there were some points where the wording made it very obvious that this book was NOT written by an author who ahs English as their first language, and that's not the authors fault those errors came across. Maybe I just read too much, and I noticed them more, I dunno! I found it a romance story, that will sweep you off your feet. It just doesnt quite sweep me off mine as much as I would like. What I did like, or rahter WHO i did like, were the supporting cast that showed up! Jonathon, Jorgen and the brothers Frey and Varg. I think I'll read the next book, and then decide whether to continue onto the third.

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