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Dark Indiscretions (Dark Indiscretions #1) by Shakuita Johnson

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Adult, Paranormal, Urban, Fantasy

*Adult content not intended for anyone under 18. M/M M/F/F and M/F/M scenes What happens when your whole family is scarier than any nightmare and you have no desire to be anything like them? Do you stay and go along with the family plans or do you rebel and have them possibly turn their viciousness on you? Jennifer Johnston experiences first hand why whispers are spoken in the dark about her species being evil when she was just a century old. What should have been another family dinner spent arguing over why she didn’t want to keep the bloodlines “pure” by being married off to her older brother turned into a nightmare and left her with more than tortured memories. Jackson Dawls and Taylor Durham had been pack mates, best friends, and the other’s mate for as long as they could remember. They were a deadly species all their own but even they feared the Mystics and their overly cruel and barbaric ways, but unforeseen circumstances bring them face to face with not one but a few. Will there lives be in danger or is something great and unexpected awaiting them? They also have to stay under the radar of the human society that is set out to destroy those they believe to be “Tarnished” and a danger to mankind. When the three meet long ago secrets are brought to the light. Secrets no one but Jennifer knew. Not only do they have to learn to get along with each other because they are fated, someone is also stalking Jennifer and preforming sinister acts without her being any the wiser. Jennifer must seek guidance from old acquaintances and form alliances with those she never thought she would. She is met with riddles and startling revelations that she never would have imagined possible. Will they accept their fates and work together or will old fears destroy their lives? Will Jennifer be able to reclaim what was taken from her right from under her nose?

3 out of 5 (good)

This is the fast-paced tale of Jennifer Johnston, a Mystic (that's a part vampire, part shape-shifting witch to you and me). Now Mystics have a bad reputation and for the most part, that's well deserved. Jennifer, however, is the anomaly. She's the one who doesn't want to be bad, who has gotten on with her life and is doing just dandy. That is until her daughter finds her mates. I liked the idea of this book but have to say that I had some problems with it in reality. The thing for me is that there is no build up, no impact, no time to process. It is all done quite matter-of-factly and almost unemotionally. And I'm saying that for parts of the story that really, really should have had more of an impact. I will give one example which is not Jennifer's story but is to do with her. She has met her mates - Yey! One of them rejects her because she is a Mystic - Boo! But instead of this building up and finding out how it would affect the trio with one of them so against the idea, this is what happens. He has a temper tantrum, she goes upstairs. The second male gives the first one a dirty look and follows her upstairs. They then have sex (!), first male joins in, everything's fine, let's carry on with the story. Nothing was resolved, no questions answered, just let's have sex and that will sort it. It's the same throughout the book, even the ending. Now I like a book that is fast paced and doesn't drag but I would still like to have had 'more'. I liked the concept but struggled with the reality.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Shakuita Johnson is currently finishing up her Master’s degree. When she isn’t in school she enjoys watching Japanese Anime, eating, and relaxing. She published her first book Dark Indiscretions (Dark Indiscretions Series, #1) in Dec. 2013, which is permafree on all online outlets for ebook.

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#Adult #Paranormal #Urban #Fantasy #3Stars

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