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The Vampire Will See You Now (Psy-Vamp #4) by Cassandra Lawson

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Adult, Paranormal, Romance

For more than three years Justin pursued Caitlin with a single-minded purpose, knowing she was the one woman he would do anything for. That resolve was tested when a member of his own family nearly destroyed Caitlin. Now, faced with the realization that she would be better off without him, Justin will do the hardest thing he has done in two hundred years of living and walk away from the woman he loves. Surviving the most traumatic experience of her life unlocked abilities Caitlin wasn’t sure she could handle and created a memory she wasn’t sure she could live with. Aided by a powerful empath, Caitlin has learned to control her own abilities and discovered that she is even stronger than she ever imagined. The only problem now is that the man she loves has decided she would be better off without him. Never one to let others control her life, Caitlin will do whatever it takes to prove to Justin how wrong he is. ***No cliffhangers

3 out of 5 (good)

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I've been waiting for Justin and Caitlin's story for a while, and for me, it fell a little flat. Caitlin has recovered from her ordeal, for the most part but Justin is still treating her with kid gloves, and she doesnt want that, she wants HER Justin back. So she orchestrates a weekend to kidnap Justin and make him see sense. But they keep getting interrupted by everyeone, and thats pretty much it. Trish meets Alek, Nathaniel meets a female hunter and I feel there are stories there to be told. Phoebe shows up, and disappears again. Caitlin's mum turns up too, with surprises for both Caitlin AND Justin! I loved her! Yes its sexy, and steamy and hot, as only Caitlin and Justin can be. And thats the highlight of the book. Still, a good hangover cure, short read to clear your palate for the next one, and thats what I do love about these, usually. Short, sharp and to the point. Just not so much this one. 3 stars

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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cassandra Lawson first discovered her love of writing at a young age. A few early typing classes in middle school planted the seeds of a young author, who enjoyed learning to type through her exploration of storytelling. Head over heels for a good happily ever after, she has dedicated her career to creating dynamic, entertaining, and spicy, romance novels. Ranging from the paranormal to contemporary settings, Cassandra Lawson breathes life into the many different ways people experience love. A hard-working mom, she spends her days writing and homeschooling her children. A lover of music, good food, and a great book, Cassandra remains a resident of the Bay Area, basking in the culture and all the inspiration it affords.

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