Carnevale by Jaye Tomas

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"Costumed in red and yellow they scamper through the streets and knuckle the doors the hot sun pooling, as if splashing, pouring, molten hot from a crucible, around their feet the Carnevale is coming...."

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Wow, that's the first word that springs to mind!! I read Jaye's first book "Nocturnes" and was delighted with it. "Carnevale" has surpassed that!! Her talent as a writer explores life experiences of her own (and I suspect many who read it, but can't express it so eloquently and succinctly as she does.) Some works are from pure fiction that she's read, and others are so personal you will hold your breath to the end, probably letting out a few tears along the way.

If you haven't read her first book already (why not?!!) pick it up and devour them both. I know I shall read mine again and again, just like all good poetry should be re read. If you've never been interested and read poetry in your life, this is THE place to start!! P.S Jaye I will happily read and review your next book, hint hint!!

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

Jaye Tomas has "scribbled" all her life but found her audience growing hugely after she created her Chimera Poetry blog. Her first Book, 'Nocturnes', was very well received and she has just released 'Carnevale' to gratifying acclaim. Jaye loves all things bookish and her reading tastes are extensive: Tolkien, Lovecraft, Gaiman, Valente, Harkness, Plath, Ellison, Christie, Aaronovitch, Yeats, Blake, King, Barker, Straub, Lopez, Maugham, Rimbaud, Ness, Eddings, Funke, Taylor, Kipling, Chaucer, Morgenstern name a very few. Originally from Chicago, she is currently residing in the UK but has begun to cast her eyes in other directions. "The beauty of the story, she says, is in the journey, not the arrival."

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