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Sound of Heartache (Sound of #2) by Chelsea Roy Purchase Link - click HERE

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#Adult, #Contemporary, #Romance

Aimee was cruelly yanked away from her first and only love. She has never gotten over him and watched from afar as he rose to superstardom. She’s let fear control her and never reached out to him no matter how much she wanted to. This time is different. This time, she’s determined to see things through to the end. But will he still want her?

Brent tried to get over the woman who shattered his heart. Moving on has been impossible, and God knows he’s tried. He knows if she wanted to find him, she could. He has never given up hope even though he knows it’s highly doubtful he’ll ever see her again. And if she did show up, what would he say to her anyway?

3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

This story has been a struggle for me to read. I’ve gone back and forth between the story was good and the story is a struggle to read. Sometimes the story has felt forced and others it felt like it flowed well. Unfortunately, the overall flow just wasn’t consistent. This made the story really hard to read and enjoy.

About half way through the book I really felt like I was missing something and I couldn’t quite figure out what that was. I did not read book one prior to this and accepted this book as a review opportunity with the understanding that book one wasn’t necessary. I’m starting to feel that maybe had I read book one I would have enjoyed book two better? One thing I might recommend is to start with book one and maybe this series can be enjoyed more.

Overall the reading got a star rating of three as it bounced back and forth between good and hard to read. I’d rather give the author the more positive rating over negative as they did have parts that flowed well and read very well. I just wish I could have given it more stars.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

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#Adult #Contemporary #Romance #3Stars

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