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Hurts So Good by Serge de Moliere

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Erotica, Contemporary

Sometimes, pain can lead to pleasure and delight. Krista, an attractive, single African-American woman, is disgusted with herself when a fall from a horse, at her very first lesson, leaves her with disabling back pain. Afraid to overdo medication and determined to avoid surgery, she reluctantly decides to go for physical therapy. But when she meets the gorgeous, muscular physical therapist, she thinks maybe she's made the right decision. Concealing her attraction proves difficult indeed, especially when the therapy involves his sensuous, powerful hands all over her body. And it becomes even more difficult when she realizes he's as hot for her as she is for him...

3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Krista's horse riding accident forced her to visit the physical therapist recommended by her doctor. She never imagined it would reunite her with her lost love. Short and sweet. Its only 37 pages long, 40 minutes reading time for me, and its almost all one scene BUT I liked it! Its cute! A quick read, with some steam, but not too much (you can get too much in 37 pages, you know!) Nicely written but only from Krista's POV. A hangover cure if ever there was one! 3.5 stars

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