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Undressed To The Nines (Drew Stirling #1) by Jayden Hunter

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Psychological, Thriller

A missing reporter believes that a congressman is involved in illegal military research. A fundraiser for a conservative politician leads to a late night encounter with the daughter of a major donor. Drew Stirling finds herself caught in an intrigue that pushes her to test the limits of her own character as she must decide who to trust, who to run from, and whether or not to break through her own self-imposed boundaries in the world of centerfolds, friendship, love, and sex.

3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Drew finds herself on the run for her life after she opens a flash drive containing highly sensitive information. Information that got the original author killed. Information that could ruin the career, and the life, of her married lover politician. For a first time author, not a bad start! I enjoyed this tale of political intrigue, of people doing things that, to most of the world would be considered crimes against humanity, but to these people?? They are just doing what needs to be done to save their way of life. Drew was a bit jumpy at times, not very consistent in her character and it did put me off a little at times. I also didn't much care for the ending. I don't know why, it just din;t sit right with me. BUT!! What I absolutely loved was we got to hear from everyone, and I do mean everyone! Drew; Boyd, the politician; Hull, the hitman; Marc, the lover/photographer; Ben, the rescuer. Everyone had a say. And you all know how much I love hearing from everyone, especially the bad guys! We get into their minds so very little, and it pulled this book from 3 to 3.5 stars. I loved hearing how Boyd felt about Drew, before and after; how he knew exactly what he was getting into at the medical research facility. How Hull came to be in Boyd's employ, how he felt about what he was doing. Loved getting them. Not overly explicit, which for some reason surprised me (don't ask me why, I've no idea, but I was!) but it does get a little messy when Drew comes face to face with Hull. Which was not surprising, and to be expected! All in all, a good solid stars for this author. Its billed as Drew Stirling book 1. I should like to read any future books, if only to see how the author is progressing in their chosen craft. 3.5 stars

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Jayden Hunter loves reading thrillers, the genre on which he is currently focused. He also loves urban fiction and has plans for a fantasy series. Trying to write without too many words is his current challenge.

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