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Discovery (The Gifted Series #1) by Char Webster

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Young Adult, Action, Adventure

All twenty-three year old Kate Sutton wants is a quiet relaxing summer after finishing her first year as a guidance counselor. School is out for the year and her swimming pool awaits, but that all changes when she is asked to help three troubled kids in the foster care system. Kate was adopted, but hasn’t been able to determine anything about her birth parents. She could have easily been placed in foster care instead of with her family. So, when she was asked to help those kids, she couldn’t turn it down. When strange things begin to happen, Kate discovers that her foster kids are not quite what she had thought and that neither is she. Suddenly, Kate is thrust into a world where people have special gifts and she and the kids are being hunted. Now she has to learn who she really is and keep the kids safe from discovery. A gorgeous guy keeps showing up everywhere she goes, but is he there to help her or turn her and the kids over to the ones hunting them?

3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

All Kate wants to do is help the kids who lost their parents some months ago. But things happen that change her whole outlook on life, and what happened to her own parents all those years ago. Finding out your ability to sense emotions is a gift, and that gift is what might get you killed is enough to send anyone over the edge, but Kate just wants to help the kids. Add in two men after her attention, a madman who wants the kids and Kate, and some long held rules, and you got a really good book. Because I did enjoy this, for the most part. It is, I believe, the first book by this author, and in places it shows. Midway, the book seems to runs away with itself and the strength that showed in the book in the first half seemed lacking in the second. But! I still enjoyed it! Kate is totally blown over by all that happens after the kids arrive, she meets Nick and Robert, and all her past comes to light. I loved that we don't get it all in one go, it comes in dribs and drabs and you have to put it together yourself. Loved being made to wait for it, I really did. I also loved that we got to hear from everyone. From Kate and Nick, from Robert and the kids. From the bad guy and his henchmen, and from one of the kids the bad guy already has, who wants to get away. Oh!! Loved that little hint, there, Ms Webster, loved it! It is clean, just some kissing, but it does contain some kidnapping and murder threats, so I'd rate it upper young adult, maybe 15 plus. I'd let my nearly 15 year old daughter read it, if she were that way inclined, but it pains me that she isn't. Pains me deeply, because I'm fairly certain she would love this one. For a first time author, and the first in the series, a great start. This story will run on into the next book, because, while not really a cliff hanger, the story is left open ended and there is a great deal more to come. I'd really like to read them ( even if they are young adult!) 3 solid stars

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Reading and getting lost in a story has always been one of Char Webster's favorite things to do besides shopping. She has also had a love for writing which led her to her daytime career in public relations and marketing. After years of writing for others, Char decided to write something for herself. Her debut novel fulfills a lifelong dream of creating a world where people can escape reality for a little while. Char Webster loves living in South Jersey because she feels like it is in the center of everything.

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