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Hidden Attraction (Shifting Gears #1) by Frank Malone

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M/M, Romance

Mason Jennings Speed is what I know best. Speed has made me who I am. Speed has made me millions of dollars. I’m a former race car driver, record breaking winner, and darling of the Formula One scene. When I retired, I put all of my time and quite a bit of my fortune into building sports cars. Without racing, though, there seems to be something missing in my life. A recent meeting with a young mechanic may change all that, however. Oliver Pike I had dreams of racing when I was a kid, but never really got the chance. I decided to become a mechanic instead, and I ended up being really good at it. I work for Mason Jenning’s company, Stone Motors. I’ve only been there for six months but have moved up the ranks quickly. When I got the chance to meet Mason, my opportunities seemed to move even faster. His offer seems to be too good to be true. Something is telling me I shouldn’t trust him so quickly, but how can I turn down the chance of a lifetime?

3 out of 5 (good)

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Don't you just HATE it?!?!?! There you are, merrily reading away, not paying much attention to how much there is left in the book and the end sneaks up on you, like a bloody ninja and leaves you hanging off a sodding cliff!!! Because that's what happened here. And I am not happy! If I'd have known this was a part works, not a complete story, I'd have turned down the review request, or asked to wait til I had all the parts at my disposal. And I KNOW it says "Shifting Gear, book 1", but hell, I just thought it was a SERIES!!! There is NO way this can be a complete novel with that ending! Absolutely no freaking way! This is turning into a rant, and I'm sorry, so deep breath, and lets try again. Despite the fact this is multi person/first person POV, I was enjoying! I liked Mason, and Oliver, together and separately. I liked that they had attraction to each other that wasn't immediately obvious to the other. I even liked what Mason did, or tried to do, to Oliver, by throwing his work contract in his face. Granted, he felt bad, and rightly so, afterwards! If I'd have known that this wasn't a complete novel going in, I would even have liked that bloody ending! So now, I gotta wait. How long? No idea. Please Mr Malone, let me know how long I gotta wait for Oliver and Mason to have their next book! And, indeed, if said next book is their FINAL book, or their story will not be complete with the next one. Please?? 3 stars, but ONLY because of that ninja ending!

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Frank Malone is a bestselling m/m romance author in the U.S. and has been writing almost his entire life. He loves to create new worlds full of strong and interesting characters and enjoys happy endings. He keeps himself busy by writing, rock climbing, and teaching new tricks to his naughty puppy.

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