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Consort In Blood (A Love Eternal #1) by Tara Devaney-Thompson

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Adult, Paranormal, Romance

The Vampire Queens blood is the only source of continued life for her family, so it is imperative that she be protected. It has been Alexander Dantes mission to protect her through the centuries. It has also been his heart’s desire. You see, they have loved each other since the first time they met and will do so until the end. Many times over the decades other Royals have tried to usurp her place on the throne and many wars have been fought to prevent this occurring. To keep her safe Romy Devereaux has been placed in a form of stasis many times by the Witch, Veridane, for a hundred years at a time. Each time she has been awoken only when there had been no need to fear for her safety. But, after she is awoken this time one part-Royal thinks she should rule instead and begins another of the Blood Wars. Will Romy and her consort, Alexander survive to rule for the rest of eternity? Will his love be enough to protect her? Only time will tell.

3 out of 5 (good)

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Alexander's job is to protect his queen, time and time again. Romy's blood is the only thing that keeps her family alive. But others in the royal line, even if its many times removed, want the throne. The book had merit. I liked the idea of the vampire queen being rejuvenated time and time again. BUT! Its doesn't tell you HOW she dies each time, or ANY time. It doesn't tell you what spell was cast to enable her to be reborn, as it were. It doesn't tell you how Alex finds her each time. It doesn't go into great detail about things that needed to be in great detail. It has an enormous amount of dialogue. Far too much for my liking. It needs editing. Badly. or at least a decent beta read. At one point, Alex talks about meeting Romy first in 1800. Then Romy says in the seventeen hundreds. Another point, there is a remote viewer( a person who can see scenes far away) its shortened to RV in one place, then RM in another. And it moves at SPEED, like rocket speed. I did struggle to keep up at points. But I did like it, overall. It just needs tightening up.

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Born in London, Uk to Irish parents I lived there until, at the age of ten, we moved to the North of the country. Then, in 1968, we emigrated to Australia where I have spent the last forty-eight years. Living on the east coast including Sydney, Townsville and now Melbourne.

I have two grown children and the two most beautiful grand-daughters ever born on this earth.

I am, for the most part, an average woman now in her sixties but I do have some slight differences to most. For one thing I am an unabashed and unashamed cougar. I love young, handsome and fit men. I am a gym junkie so he must be one too or no dice. Take, for instance, the muse for my erotic tales the breath-takingly handsome Mr. Henry Cavill of Man of Steel fame. He is and will remain my forever muse.

If you want to know more about me you will have to ask me.

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