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Tortured Souls: The House On Wellfleet Bluffs by Linda Cadose, J.A. Gerber & M.M. Hudson

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Horror, Supernatural

In some towns, the past is easily forgotten. Not in Wellfleet Bluffs. Lynne and Jason buy their dream house online and quickly move to the quaint little town. After unexplained events send them looking for answers, will they become a forgotten part of history or will they find the answers and help the ghosts of the past find peace?

3 out of 5 (good)

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Lynne and Jason buy a house, right unseen but fall in love with it immediately. Almost as immediately, they discover the house has things that go bump in the night and Lynne and Jason are left researching what a dark and deadly history the house has.

I thought, when first writing my review this was a brand new author but it appears this is a collaboration of three different authors.

I rather enjoyed this! It kinda creeps along, dropping hints and clues at you that stop and make you think. Makes you think what's really going on, and what the house's true history is.

I liked the little twists to the story in regards to Lynne and her ancestors. And I liked that the full story about the previous residents is not fully disclosed til near the end.

It's creepy, but not what I would call full blown horror. We hear mostly from Lynne and Jason but also from a few key characters along the way. Hearing from one more would have made this book for me, but you know me, if you follow my reviews, I'm greedy and always want more !

Still, the three stars I'm giving this is not a negative number. I did enjoy it and it did keep my interest up. It just needs a little tidying up.

Solid start from this author and could be one to watch.

3 stars

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