Carla's Cowboys (The Cowboys of Cavern County #1) by Bella Settarra

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Western, Romance, Suspense, Ménage

She can hide her secrets, but not her heart…

While on the run from Jerome Pearson—her dangerous former boyfriend—Carla Burchfield falls in love with hunky twin cowboys Matt and Dyson Shearer. As soon as Pearson turns up in town Carla’s first instinct is to flee. Reluctantly leaving the guys, she makes her escape, only to be met with an accident en route.

Local rancher Aiden Fielding finds her and takes her back to his palatial spread, where he calls the doctor and the sheriff’s office. To Carla’s horror, she discovers that the local sheriff is Dyson Shearer. Feeling upset and betrayed, she absconds from the ranch, taking with her a broken heart and a head full of secrets the guys would never believe.

When Pearson catches up with her, so does her past. Can she ever convince her cowboys that her reasons for hiding stolen cash are honourable? And can they persuade her to stay with them even though the affluent Aiden Fielding appears to have so much more to offer her?

4 out of 5 (very good)

Carla is on the run from her criminal boyfriend. She has only just found out, but is determined that she won't allow him and his buddies to get away with it. She takes the money and does a runner, finding herself in the middle of nowhere. Where she ends up, though, is very friendly and she is able to rent a motel room, plus get a job at a drugstore to help her along the way. She also meets three cowboys - Aiden, Matt and Dyson. Aiden is rich with a well laid out ranch, whereas Matt and Dyson (twins) feel they don't have much to offer, but they do seem to tick all the right boxes for Carla.

Now, on the whole, I enjoyed this book. There was enough detail without being bogged down, and the reasons given for Carla's decision were real enough. The thing that got me - a little at first, but it grew with every mention - was the 'gushing'!!! Carla 'gushed' into her panties at pretty much every meeting, and more than once. I think if I had to read it one more time, I would have screamed! lol

A quick, enjoyable read (apart from the gushing).

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *


Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

In Bella’s world all the heroes are gorgeous hunks and the heroines are always beautiful. Having said that, she firmly believes that ‘handsome is as handsome does’ and that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. (She is also a big fan of clichés as well as alliteration!)

She has been hanging out with her ‘imaginary friends’ for a couple of years now and finds the profession exhilarating and intriguing. Her stories are all Erotic Romances, although they vary considerably in subject-matter.

One of the things she absolutely loves to write is light BDSM and her Collar and Cuffs series (Etopia Press) received an ARe Bestseller Award for Waiting on Summer, which has also been nominated for a BDSM Con Golden Flogger Award. This series was set in a BDSM club in Miami, and was a joy to write. She also loves writing Cowboy Romances and was thrilled when the first book in her The Men of Moone Mountain series, (Etopia Press), entitled Ménage on Moone Mountain, received a nomination for the Ménage Romances Fan’s Award 2015 and became an ARe Bestseller, and the third book in this series, Ménage on Ryder Ranch was also nominated for the Erotic Ménages Romances Award 2016. The fourth book in this series, Ménage at the Mode Boutique is now also available in digital format. She is currently writing another Cowboy series, Midnight in Montana (Siren Publishing), the first of which, Dallas at Midnight, is already available in digital and print formats, while the second book, Meet Me at Midnight, has only just been released and is available only in digital format at present.

Her writing career began, however, in the fantasy/myth genre, with her first series Sirens and Sailors (Siren Publishing). Although this was a series of six novels, it actually started out as a short story! This was a delight to write and was proof positive that her High School Classical Studies lessons weren’t entirely wasted.

She has also had a couple of short stories published in Men for Hire and Men for Hire 2 (Luminosity Publishing) and even had some rather raunchy poems included in Coming Together in Verse.Not everyone is perfect – but it’s the character flaws which make them interesting, she believes. As in life, things don’t always run smoothly, but it’s the twists and turns which provide the drive to keep going, even when it just feels like an uphill struggle. Bella is currently fighting her own battle against breast cancer – a battle which she is determined to win – and believes that all women have the right to feel sexy even when they are battle-scarred.

She hopes you enjoy your foray into her world

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