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The Pygmy Dragon (Shapeshifter Dragon Legends #1) by Marc Secchia

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Coming of Age, Fantasy, Epic

Yesterday, a Dragon kidnapped me from my cage in a zoo. Stolen from her jungle home and sold to a zookeeper, Pip knows only a world behind bars, a world in which a Pygmy warrior and her giant ape friends are a zoo attraction. She dreams of being Human. She dreams of escaping to the world outside her cage. Then, the Dragon Zardon kidnaps her into a new life. Pip rides Dragonback across the Island-World to her new school - a school inside a volcano. A school where Humans learn to be Dragon Riders. But this is only a foretaste of her magical destiny, for the Dragon Assassins are coming. They have floated an Island across the Rift and their aim is nothing less than the massacre of all Dragons. Now, the courage of the smallest will be tested to the utmost. For Pip is the Pygmy Dragon, and this is her tale.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

The Pygmy Dragon is a fantasy story that defies categorisation. I would have difficulty placing this within any other genre, and can't even classify it as being for children, young adult etc. For me, this was just a pure Fantasy that flew me away on dragon wings to a world unknown. The prologue was written by Pip in the first person, whereas the rest of it is in the third.

With an intricate story to tell, we are carried along as Pip tries to find her way in a world that is harsh to her. She does find friends though, although some seem to leave a bit to be desired (Maylin anyone?). With the balance of their world in peril, and treachery coming from every angle, The Pygmy Dragon is an action filled story that gets richer the more intricate it becomes.

An amazing fantasy and I have also one-clicked The Onyx Dragon, which is book 2 as I am not prepared to finish Pip's story just yet. Definitely recommended.

* Verified Purchase - August 2016 *


Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Marc is the bestselling author of 17 fantasy novels, including 7 rip-roaring dragon fantasy adventures. He's also the author of a bestselling African historical fantasy series set in ancient Ethiopia. All of these books are available on Kindle Unlimited, so come along and try them out. Look out for The Horse Dreamer, my latest release! An equine-themed fantasy with wild adventure, crystal dragons and a unique world of equinoctial storms. Current projects: Dragonsoul, Book 3 in the Dragonfriend series, and forthcoming Chinese and Italian translations of several of my books. Shioni of Sheba is being produced as an audiobook, as is Shadow Dragon. Marc was born Cape Town but now lives and works in Ethiopia with his wife and 4 children, 2 dogs, and a variable number of marabou storks that roost on the acacia trees out back. On a good night there are also hyenas prowling along the back fence. When he’s not writing about Africa or dreaming about dragons flying across the moon, Marc can be found travelling to remote locations. He thinks there’s nothing better than standing on a mountaintop wondering what lies over the next horizon.

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