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Saving Zoe by Eva Winters

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Dark, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Suspense

Vanessa's life has been tainted by secrets and the scars of a past she can't forget. When that past forces itself into her present life, she is faced with unspeakable truths and undeniable danger. Damaged Goods. Victim. Slave. Whore. Vanessa promised herself that none of those labels would ever touch her again. She’s on a new path, from darkness into light, and there’s no looking back. That is, until her niece Zoe kidnapped by the same ruthless sex trafficking organization that shattered her young life and left nothing but destruction in its wake. Now, she must dare commit to going underground to root out the sadistic thugs and rescue her niece. Getting in isn’t the problem though – it’s getting out that will take everything she’s got and more. Her love and strength are tested to the limit as she’s forced to revisit a past she thought she had left behind and discover a future ahead of her like one she never imagined. Good vs Evil Ian Kelly has been working undercover for too long, and lines are starting to blur. He’s been living in a world filled with malice and corruption. When a woman from his past suddenly falls prey to trafficking, he’s put in an impossible situation: blow his cover and risk the lives of those he loves, or watch the woman of his dreams destroyed right before his eyes. Can these two souls with so much at stake right undeniable wrongs and not only save the ones they love, but to also save each other? WARNING: This book contains emotional triggers, strong sexual content, explicit situations, adult Language and disturbing scenes. It is intended for an adult audience 18+

3 out of 5 (good)

Saving Zoe is the story of a young girl who is unwillingly involved in the sex trafficking business. She is rescued and tries to get on with her life, becoming a border guard to try and help prevent more girls from going through the same experiences she had. When her niece is taken, the nightmare she lived through becomes once again the life she is living.

The story behind this book is a good one, a dark horrible one without question, but still a good one. However, the execution of the story left something to be desired for me. The writing style is quite clipped and almost clinical, so there was nothing really to connect to. Instead of losing myself in the book, I 'knew' that I was reading a story. Whilst I finished - and mainly enjoyed - this book, it is not a series that I will be continuing with.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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Eva lives in a small town outside of Houston Texas with her family. She more than enjoys writing and staying in touch with each of her characters as their lives progress (even behind the scenes). She spends a great deal of time developing her characters, including the ones who seem to go in their own direction. She loves creating complex characters who whose lives are filled with drama. Although her works are fiction, many of the stories she tell are based on actual events, each containing suspense, romance, humor and action. She has a BA in Management and worked as an independent business owner for years before giving it up to pursue her passion of writing fulltime. She's never looked back.

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#Dark #Crime #Thriller #Romance #Suspense #3Stars

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