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Navy SEAL Bad Boy by Eddie Cleveland Link - click HERE

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Adult, Romance, Military

I fought to become a SEAL. I fought to protect America. Hell, I fight my demons everyday. But now I'm facing the biggest battle of all - the fight to save Holly.


They pinned a medal on my chest and called me a hero. Too bad they didn't let the demons that haunt me know.

Now, I've been shipped off to rehab, the Navy SEALs have given me a chance to start over.

It was the last place I thought I'd find the woman of my dreams. It was the last place I'd ever even look.

But from the second I lock onto her innocent blue eyes I know she needs me, and I know I can't live without her.

I defended my country, and now I'll put my life on the line to defend her.


I've spent my entire life on the run.

When my twin sister died and everyone blamed me, I ran to Miami and fell into the lap of the biggest drug smuggler on the Eastern Seaboard.

I learned the hard way that he was no knight in shining armor. I still have the scars and bruises he laid on my body to prove it.

I finally found the strength to leave him. To get help. And I ran again.

Now, I'm at rehab. I met Jake, a man who makes the world and all of my troubles slide away with a simple smile. He says he can save me.

He says he will die to do it.

Running is all I've ever known how to do. Now, I want to run one more time. Right into Jake's strong arms.

NAVY SEAL BAD BOY is a stand-alone, full-length romance with no cliff-hangers and an HEA. This book contains language and steamy scenes that are intended for an 18+ audience. There are some scenes of violence that might make some readers uncomfortable.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Another absolutely amazing book by the incredible Eddie Cleveland! This man sure knows how to write a book and I am still absolutely floored with the way he writes. It’s flawless, beautiful, tragic, breathtaking, and mesmerizing. He has the ability to transform words into a beautiful visualization chapter after chapter.

I’m not sure why, but I think this story, out of all of them so far, is probably my favorite. The writing is just as fantastic as the others and the details are just as vivid. I think it is the pretense of the story, the things that the characters must overcome and the roadblocks in their path, and the love between all of the characters. I don’t know that I’d really say it’s darker than the others, because the others are dark in their own way; the details are just different on how they got to where they were going.

So another thing this author does extremely well, is write some scorching hot bedroom scenes. This book is no different. They are written in tasteful detail but rate pretty high or the scorch factor. Be prepared to blush in a few spots, so if you blush easily, you’ve been forewarned and you will likely turn several different shades of red and pink before the book is over.

I can’t write enough good about this book. It really was incredible and such an easy book to read. It’s not one you’ll want to put down and prepare yourself for a lack of sleep when you start it. The only thing I wish that the author would have dove into a little more detail was the rehab and make it feel a little more realistic.

You won’t be disappointed after reading this story, I assure you. Pick up your copy today!

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

If you're looking for billionaires or shifters, you won't find them here. Eddie writes what he knows: bad boys, hot sex and crazy love. Be the first to know about a new release by signing up to Eddie's newsletter:

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