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Mabon and Pomegranate by Kimberly Richardson

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#Fairy_Tales, #Mythology

Mabon: What would you do if you discovered that your dreams were real? Monica had no idea that moving to the small town of Mabon would be the answer to her prayers, and yet so much more... Pomegranate: Alexandra has it all: a great job, a wonderful husband, and very few worries in the world. Yet, when a black clad stranger enters her life, she is suddenly thrust into a world of myths and legends all contained in the skin of an infamous fruit.

1 out of 5 (poor)

It is really hard to do a review on a book that you have forced yourself to finish, just because you hate leaving a book partway through. I kept on reading with the vain hope that this book would actually turn into something but I'm afraid, for me, it didn't. Mabon: This started out ok, a young woman caught up in her life in a job that she doesn't like, feels the need to break out and start afresh. She finds a town and a job so goes. The story goes downhill from there on in. This COULD be a good story but it literally finishes in the middle of the story, after it has turned into something out of a 1970's porn film. Making love is described as 'opening the clam', her lover dissolves over her (literally) and she thinks that she is going to suffocate. She chooses another lover later on in the book, even though she is looking for the first one, and he puts his hand into her thigh and tries to remove her thigh bone - just so that she knows what he is. And then it ends. Pomegranate: Alexandra is a woman with her own business running a book store, married to a man who runs his own art gallery, friends with a cool guy who helps with her bookstore. Strange man turns up - she immediately considers having an affair but says no. Doesn't find it strange that anyone opposed to her having an extra-marital affair (including her husband!) winds up being dead of a heart attack. But she carries on and finds out who Dune is (big clue with the pomegranate there!). No depth to these stories with characters that are stupidly naive although they are classed as highly intelligent. The plot line and pace are sketchy at best. Some minor issues with spelling but seriously, that is not the issue with the book as a whole. If you want something 'different' give this a try but for me, it's really done nothing at all. Highly unsatisfactory.

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#FairyTales #Mythology #1Star

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