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Fearless Flying (Vivienne #1) by Karen Gordon

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#Womens_Fiction, #Contemporary, #Adult, #Romance

An amazing job, check. An adorable apartment, check. A super supportive best friend, check. There’s only one thing missing from Vivienne Ramsey’s perfect life… And after ten years of waiting the time is finally right for her to seduce her dream man. Tonight she’s going to wear Danny out in bed until he dies a happy man. But before she can begin her carefully crafted strategy of seduction he’s headed for the door. And for once in her over-organized life Vivienne doesn’t have a back-up plan. If he had only read the memo about his part in her happily-ever-after.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Where to begin with this review.. So, I really wanted to enjoy this book. Its blurb promised to be a great read, intriguing, and a little feisty. Sadly, I really disliked the main character of the story for the first half of the book, which made it really hard to enjoy the story. The way that she talked, portrayed herself, etc. really just grated on my last nerve. I really had some high hopes for her growing into a less annoying character as I read, and I was absolutely rewarded the more that I read the story, the much more likable of a character she became.

The male lead character is absolutely loveable but infuriating at the same time. He is a hard headed character that seems to know all, and doesn’t like to listen to his heart. He has a history that seems to float around him consistently that he doesn’t seem to be able to let go.

The writing style in this story is good. It was easy to read, while at times, maybe needed a little more attention to formatting the paragraphs. I think just a little more attention would help it flow just a little better. It wasn’t anything major but enough to catch my eye.

Overall,it was a decent story. It wasn’t written horrible, it wasn’t lacking any important details or descriptions. It flowed well for the most part. This is just part one of several novella’s and definitely leaves you wanting book 2! It was a pretty fun read.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

Karen Gordon is an indie author who loves supporting strong and sexy women in fiction and in real life. Born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri, she found her love of extraordinary stories about ordinary places by finding excitement in mundane suburbia. Although she currently writes romance and chick lit, you never know what she might do next. (You'll never find a woman-hating, bad-boy hero though.) She currently lives with the loves of her life, three very cool geeky men and one perfect puppy, just outside of Memphis, TN.

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#WomensFiction #Contemporary #Adult #Romance #4Stars

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