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Aries (Zodiac Twin Flame #2) by Rachel Medhurst

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#Fantasy, #Romance

I had one goal in life: To defeat the Dysfunctionals. My mission to unite with my twin flame soulmate wasn't as important as killing the group of men that were trying to stop my siblings, and I, from doing our job. The explosion changed my life forever. What good was being able to throw fire, if I wasn't fit enough to use it? With father missing, and the others still trying to find him, I sank into despair. Life was no longer worth living. My only salvation was Natalie, my ex-girlfriend. She knew that I had a mission, and was determined to get me back on my feet, so that I could defeat the Dysfunctionals, and unite with my twin flame.

3 out of 5 (good)

Aries is the second book in the Zodiac Twin Flame and, obviously, this story focuses on him. He is a firefighter that enjoys the women, although he has been with Natalie on and off again for years. The Zodiacs are still trying to find their kidnapped father, and it is after an event to do with that, that Aries runs into Natalie again and spends the night with her. The following day he is called into work as there is a bad fire, and it's all hands on deck. During the rescue, Aries is injured.

Whilst this book did sort of carry on with the twin flame story, I felt it was more about Aries' recovery and mindset. The time line moved very quickly in places, which was a tad disturbing when reading. However, this book does continue the story moving along, with plenty of hints given for future pairings.

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Rachel Medhurst grew up in a small village in Surrey, England. She writes to inspire and heal. She lives in the British countryside with her dog. If she’s not writing, she can be found walking in nature and reading. For more information about current projects, including her short story dystopian series, Avoidables, please check out her website.

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#Romance #3Stars #Fantasy

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