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New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Sometimes a crush can break you. When Gabby Murphy landed in her brother's best friend's lap her whole world shifted. But after years of watching Cam go through women her heart can't take anymore. Now in college, she's finally ready to get on with her life. Her new boyfriend is the perfect man to squash her craving for Cam. But her boyfriend has an addiction, an obsession that Gabby soon finds out he can't let go. Some cravings last forever. When Camron Taylor received a thump to the head, he couldn't help but adore Gabby. When she grows from cute kid to desirable woman his imagination goes to places it shouldn't. Afraid of ruining friendships he pushes her away. Until something seems off with her new boyfriend. The past isn't always left there. Cam is the savior she's always needed. Gabby is the woman he's always coveted. When past mistakes come back with a vengeance will their love be strong enough to fight it? Or will the past keep them apart?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Gabby and Cam have been friends for as long as she can remember. He was best friends with her brother Josh and she had the gigantic school girl crush that never went away. She could not get him out of her mind, no matter who she was with. She thought maybe Brandon would be that guy who could give her everything she wanted and push Cam out of her life. She really didn’t want to just be friends with Cam and see him with other girls because she knew no one was ever going to be good enough. Could she swallow her pride so she could keep Cam in her life and just be his friend? Would she ever stop questioning herself about what if she and Cam could make it work? Would Josh allow his baby sister to be with his best friend?

Cam was a great looking, head turning, built young man. He has been turning heads for as long as he can remember but never the head of the girl he really wanted, Gabby. She didn’t think about him like he did her, that she was more than just his friend, or did she? He had to know if he could make things work with her but was he strong enough to stand up to Josh and risk his relationship with him in case it didn’t work? Heaven knows sleeping with any available girl wasn’t keeping his mind off Gabby. What if Gabby only wanted to be friends, could he make that work? He had to keep her safe and protect her but at what cost?

This book was absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, one of the best books I have read in a while. It has incredible detail, fun scenes, romance, angst, and suspense! I would never have guessed that this was Toshia’s first novel to be written and published so this definitely isn’t a “best book for her first novel” type of review! The story is written in a way that she makes you feel like you are in the story and are seeing and really experiencing the happiness and heartbreak Gabby is going through. My emotions were a roller coaster during this book. Happy and excited for Gabby and Cam one moment and pissed off, angry, annoyed the next.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Toshia resides in Nicholasville, Kentucky with her husband, son, a dog, and a cat. Growing up in the small area known as Poosey she was a tom-boy and country girl at heart. At nineteen she married her husband, and then at twenty-one was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. She's been a stay-at-home mom since he was born, enjoying watching her son grow up. Now, five years later, she is an avid reader and known in the book world as a reviewer. She is currently running a group for another author on Facebook. It was there, in that group, that she found the strength and courage to write her own book. Always having a love for writing, she finally said. "I can do this, I can write my own book and share the stories that are in my head." She's gearing up to release her first book Ten Year Crush.

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