Capital Consequences Redemption, Revenge, Trust, Tranquility (The Capital Trilogy #2) by Dawn Wright

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After the dreadful confrontation with her boss, Summer Stevenson is dealing with her new lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy being in a relationship under a new living arrangement. Leaning on her mother like she never has, Summer needs to figure things out quickly as she receives shocking news and a devastating blow. Turning the tables after that disastrous dinner with friends, Emily Gray decides to play a little dirty, just to feel better. Lowering her inhibitions, she’s determined to have some fun but reevaluates her choices after one evening leaves her feeling sullied and unscrupulous. But when she has a chance at love again, can she trust it? Now that she’s not trading money for sex, Amber Hamilton is doing what she can to walk a straight and upstanding life. However, the more she gets to know these men, the more insecure she becomes. Realizing that she can do better, Amber decides to take the plunge in order to better herself, since no one else has her back—or maybe someone does . . . With a career that’s still on top of the competition and close friends to lean on, Brooke Brazile is doing all that she can to keep her head up high. When she finally feels like she can put the pieces back together, she hears some heartbreaking information. Can Summer adjust to the life she never dreamed of? Is Emily still full of resentment, or is she capable of love? Will Amber take the easy way out when opportunity comes knocking? Will Brooke give up the idea of having it all just to have something?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Well dawn you have got another excellent book out there

Meeting with these four girls there is always going to be backstabbing and someone always thinking there the better person and arguments galore

But with the friendship between amber and Emily really not resolved and Brooke finding it hard to live without Jackson.

And summer well she is in this bubble with Oliver but they are so stressed out and snapping each other that sometimes you need a breakaway. when things start to get on a rocky road especially when you get the surprise of your life and you have to do the decent thing and tell your current partner a difficult secret that you have been keeping for him ie Oliver.

The 2nd book had a lot of emotional things in the characters are amazing that dawn has wrote about.

I am not giving anything away as you will have to discover for yourself what happens in this book but I will say this Friendship is always there weather you are arguing or hugging or supporting that friend.

I am giving this book 5/5

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

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#FamilySaga #Contemporary #Romance #5Stars