Reason (The Dreughan #2) by Lena North

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Everyone knows I’m the good girl.

I am Susannah, and I’m beautiful, accomplished, calm and polite. What they don’t know is that I’m also another girl, one who is hot-tempered, brave – and an expert at throwing knives.

We settled in Dragoncourt, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Or, I would have been if it wasn’t for the dumb prophecy about the prosperous times which predicts that I’m bound by fate to Kee, the beautiful Dreughan Prince. The golden one. The only one who acutely dislikes me.

Then disaster strikes and I have no choice but to let go of the good girl. I have to lie and deceive my way straight into Pantano, the stronghold of the Waterfolk, where I’m forced to do bad things in the name of love and fury.

In the end, it’s time to decide; Am I the good girl or the wild one? Or can I be both?

In the second book in the Dreughan trilogy, set in a medieval fantasy world from a thousand years ago, we follow Susannah through adventure and romance. It’s a story about daring to be yourself, and the lengths you will go to save the ones you love. The Dreughan trilogy can be read standalone, but it’s also the starting point for Ms. North’s Urban Fantasy series "Birds of a Feather".

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Reason is the second book in the Dreughan series, and this time it is Sannah who is the main character. This follows on from Courage and should definitely be read as part of the series, rather than a standalone.

She has said she doesn't want Kee, but we all know she is lying. Through this book, we learn just why she lied, plus how they overcome that and become the happy couple we want them to be. Although this is Sannah's book, and she tells a magnificent story, I will admit to holding Valerian in my heart! He played a part in Vilda's story, and certainly plays a part here. He is kind and considerate, whilst also being firm when needed. He is the General after all.

Vilda and Drake are still going strong, and I love the jokes that happen between this close-knit family by bond.

Once again, I will say there were a couple of errors in this book. But as before, the writing was so good I am more than happy to overlook those as they definitely didn't impact my enjoyment of the story at all.

I am going straight into Joy. I am LOVING this series, with its amazing characters and world building that is good enough for the reader to see, and can't recommend it highly enough. Absolutely fantastic.

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