Joy (The Dreughan #3) by Lena North

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I’ve already killed for my family, and I’d do it again, without remorse.

I am Troy, the happy young man full of joy and laughter. The harmless one, who can send arrows into the heart of a traitor with deadly precision.

When my Dreughan family sends a group of people to Pantano, the main village of the Waterfolk, I was selected to go with them. I was excited to go because I’ve longed to see the great waters, but things end up a little more complicated than I thought.

It turns out that, whether I like it or not, I have more than one family.

I was having a good time with the Waterfolk together with my warrior friend Mal and Drake’s pretty sister Rinna, when we started to suspect that someone deliberately tries to re-kindle the war. Then I must risk everything, and if I succeed it will help end the war once and for all, but as family and friends turn their back on me, it looks like I’ll have to pay a high price…

Troy’s story about laughter, courage and sacrifice is the third and final book in the Dreughan trilogy, set in a medieval fantasy world from a thousand years ago. It’s a story about a young man’s willingness to die for the ones he loves as he fights to find a place to call home and a family that is his. The Dreughan trilogy can be read standalone, but it’s also the starting point for Ms. North’s Urban Fantasy series "Birds of a Feather".

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Joy is the third and final book in the Dreughan series, and this time it is Troy's turn. I have been waiting for his story, because he has shown hints of not being the 'clown' all the time, and I couldn't wait to see deeper into his character. Let me just say, I was NOT disappointed.

Not only do we see more of Troy, and how he feels about Vilda and Sannah, but we also see more about who he is, how he works, and just what he will do for those he calls family. I am happy to say Valerian is his brother, so we get more of him. We see Troy really coming into his own, with the full and complete support of Rinna backing him up.

This amazing story would get more than 5 out of 5 if I could, but I don't think you can do 6 or more stars out of 5. I was sobbing throughout parts of this story, the emotions were there and would not be denied. The epilogue just about killed me, it was sheer perfection.

I have said throughout this series, that there have been errors. Just simple ones like words being misspelt, or the wrong group being blamed for a murder, but I have to emphasise to you - THIS DID NOT MATTER. Yes, I noticed them, and then I dismissed them as I was too wrapped up in the characters and the story.

This is a spectacular ending to this series, and lucky me, I have the Birds of a Feather series to read next. I bought this series on the back of ONE book by this author, and I am so glad I did. It is money well-spent in my opinion. I have loved the world she has built, the characters who have grown so much, and of course - Dragons!

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