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Powerful Destiny by Tricia McGill

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It is 850AD and Norse warrior Rolf lands on the shores of East Anglia determined to take revenge on a Celtic clan. Following a fierce battle, where the Celts are savagely killed, Rolf comes face to face with the daughter of the slain Celtic leader. So stunned by the beauty, along with the courage of Brigid, he is convinced that his Three Fates of Destiny brought them together. Resolved to make this woman his own, he spares the lives of the captured Celtic women and children and takes them back to his homeland across the ocean. Strangely drawn to the Norseman who is so sure they are destined to be together, Brigid must fight against succumbing to the wishes of the man who killed her father. Nevertheless, to save her fellow Celtic captives from slavery or worse, Brigid must keep a bargain with the Norse leader—a bargain that will see her tied to him forever. In present day Cornwall, naturally shy Rolf shares his secluded lighthouse with his wolfhound. An artist, he delights in the rugged scenery and ever-changing weather. While in the nearest bookshop one day, he meets a newcomer to town. Brigid’s unusual personality strikes a chord with him. Not only are both convinced they have met before, but their fascination for Viking and Celtic history forges an unusual bond between them. Outspoken and forthright, Brigid sets out to break down the barrier of reserve and caution Rolf has erected over the years. Is it simply whimsy or can lovers across centuries be reunited?

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3 out of 5 (good)

Powerful Destiny is a two-tone story - the first half is set in 850ad, and the second in contemporary times. Both feature a man called Rolf, and a woman called Brigid, and tell you how the two of them meet, both in ancient times and now.

Three quarters of the book is set in 850ad, with only a small part being in current times. This is partly what brought down my star rating from a four to a three. The contemporary side of it felt very rushed, compared to the first part. And the conversations between modern Rolf and Brigid seemed quite stilted at times. I found the premise of the book to be fascinating, and would love to read more about Rolf and Brigid. I just think I'm best to stay in 850ad with them.

If you like books about reincarnation and soulmates, then I can still most definitely recommend this one.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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Tricia McGill was born in London but moved to Australia years ago where she settled in Victoria. Her published books cross sub-genres, and include contemporary, historical, mainstream, time-travel and futuristic, but all are romances. Most of her contemporary romances are set in Victoria where she lives. Tricia is an avid animal lover and horses and dogs feature in most of her books. Her favorite genre is time-travel where she loves to travel back to times and places long gone. Reviews and excerpts of all her books can be read on her web page. Tricia's best achievement was winning the RWAu Romantic Book of The Year (R*BY) in 2003 with her mainstream, Traces of Dreams, (now re-published as Remnants of Dreams) which was based on her mother's life.

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