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The Shield of Nike (War on the Gods Companion Story) by A.P. Mobley

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Valeria is in love with her best friend, Greg, and has been for years. But they can’t be together, because after they graduate high school they’ll be on opposite sides of the country. This seems to be Valeria’s greatest dilemma—until a freak storm ambushes the two on a hike a few miles outside their town. During the storm, Greg is injured, and a strange shield falls from the sky and knocks Valeria unconscious. When she wakes up, her whole world is turned upside down. Greg is missing, her town has been annihilated, deadly creatures roam, and the disembodied voice of a woman she knows nothing of talks to her from inside her own head. The woman says Greg has been taken, but that Valeria can save him and survive the perils awaiting her if she harnesses the “gifts” she was given at birth, and if she uses the shield that fell from the sky. But how can Valeria trust a woman she’s never met? She'll have to rely on herself and face horrors she could never have imagined to save her best friend. And, in the process, discover her true identity.

3 out of 5 (good)

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I did enjoy this companion novella but it was a bit on the side of being too brief. I know this is the point of a novella but it doesn’t give enough detail.

Valeria is in love with Greg who’s her best friend. And here the Greek Gods come into play. It’s nice to see Nike mentioned and given a character as a less known and therefore talked about God.

Valeria is a reluctant heroine who has to save the world to save Greg. She seems pretty self absorbed and though I pitied her having the world as her responsibility, she seems pretty much like she’s happy to only do what she wants. Typical teen you might say! This didn’t grab me as I was hoping with AP Mobley as I was really looking forward to reading more from them as they write such entrancing and many faceted characters, generally. So from that perspective it’s a bit of a let down.

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A. P. Mobley is a young-adult fantasy author with an undying love for Greek mythology and epic, magical tales. She grew up in Wyoming and currently lives there, working part-time as a substitute teacher and studying to earn her degree in English. She considers herself a huge nerd, loves chocolate a little too much, and can be found snuggling with one of her pets into late hours of the night.

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