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Disjointed Lives by Morgan Sheppard

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#Contemporary, #WomensFiction

Promotions Manager, Ava Reese, has all she ever wanted: a fantastic husband, a great job, a good life. But her past haunts her. Although she thought she had left the darkness behind long ago, her dreams start to haunt her during the day, making her question everything she has. Ava hopes that meeting with her best friend, Paige, will help her find peace again. Can they put Ava’s dreams to rest, or will the past destroy everything Ava has so carefully built?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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A friend’s ear is sometimes the best medicine.

After a long separation, Ava and her friend, Paige, meet for coffee and shopping. It didn’t take long for Paige to realize not only was something upsetting her friend, but she that needed to talk about what weighed heavy in Ava’s mind and heart.

The quick read was one long conversation, but it grabbed my heart knowing how much pain and heartbreak Ava has endured during her marriage to the man who’d pushed the friends apart. Like a good friend, Paige had some suggestions that made sense to Ava. *I won’t give them or the conversation away, but it kept me reading straight through.*

Grab your copy and know your heart will be taken into the life of a survivor. Great story, Morgan Sheppard!

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Originally from the United Kingdom, Morgan Sheppard now resides in Germany, although she freely admits to having left part of her heart in Wales. Morgan is the author of the fantasy series, World of Wraidd Elfennol, and also the contemporary, women’s fiction novella, Disjointed Lives. Whilst a writer mainly in the fantasy genre, Morgan is more than happy to share her love of reading amongst the many different genres out there, and can always be found with a book close by. As well as reading and writing, Morgan spends her time looking after her family and trying to learn German. Unfortunately, a natural aptitude for languages doesn’t appear to be one of her strong points. However, stubbornness is, so she continues to persevere. So far, Morgan is confident enough to order a beer and a pretzel. Feel free to email her at or stalk her online on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also subscribe to her mailing list HERE, and get a #FREE copy of Marella, the book that started the World of Wraidd Elfennol series.

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#Contemporary #WomensFiction #5Stars

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