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Fire in the Rain (Wraidd Elfennol #4) by Morgan Sheppard

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Fire in the Rain finds trouble once more in the island of Wraidd Elfennol. One of the Water Partners has told of a problem with the water ways, which could affect the land and folk for generations to come if a solution is not found. Afon and Necia, together with their Partners Meinwen and Dai, are called as Chosen. With friends and mentors on hand to help them, they need to find the inner confidence in themselves, and their Element, to win the day. Will the Chosen of Fire and Water succeed? Or is the Island of Wraidd Elfennol doomed to live forever beneath the shadows of Cysgod? Full of myth and magic, with a strong Welsh theme, Fire in the Rain brings to a close the Fantasy series set in the imaginary world of Wraidd Elfennol.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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I hate to see this magical world end, but loved the story.

It’d been a while since I read Of Land and Sky (Wraidd Elfennol, Book 3). I put off reading this one since I didn’t want the series to end. Who really does when you’ve got a winner at hand? And, I loooovvvveee how Morgan Sheppard brought everything together. My long sigh at the conclusion still exists.

It’s time for new characters to be added to the mix. As per others, Necia and Afon experience many trials on their quest. Something about these two tossed my emotions around more than the other characters. Like before, I cheered for the success of this couple and booed all obstacles along the way. While, as per the incredible stories from Morgan Sheppard, I gasped, wiped my eyes, smiled, and had a tough time putting it down to sleep – except when I wanted to rail at the author. But, something still tugged at my heart for these two characters.

Because Morgan likes to create unique stories, an unexpected twist caught me off guard. I won’t reveal it, but I believe it’ll surprise other readers. But, that makes this such a great read.

One thing that continues to amaze me is how well Morgan builds the magical world around the Wraidd Elfennol so that I feel myself surrounded with it. She doesn’t spend the time info dumping until interest is lost. It’s the small things like reactions that make it perfect. I’ll miss the spirit animals.

On a side note, I worried since it’d been so long since I read the earlier books that I’d have forgotten characters, but Morgan thought ahead and added a character list so I could refresh my memory when needed.

While not a typical fantasy reader, I’ve enjoyed this magical world Morgan Sheppard created. Only a few others have claimed that role in this genre. This is a series worth reading!

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Originally from the United Kingdom, Morgan Sheppard now resides in Germany, although she freely admits to having left part of her heart in Wales. Morgan is the author of the fantasy series, World of Wraidd Elfennol, and also the contemporary, women’s fiction novella, Disjointed Lives. Whilst a writer mainly in the fantasy genre, Morgan is more than happy to share her love of reading amongst the many different genres out there, and can always be found with a book close by. As well as reading and writing, Morgan spends her time looking after her family and trying to learn German. Unfortunately, a natural aptitude for languages doesn’t appear to be one of her strong points. However, stubbornness is, so she continues to persevere. So far, Morgan is confident enough to order a beer and a pretzel. Feel free to email her at or stalk her online on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also subscribe to her mailing list HERE, and get a #FREE copy of Marella, the book that started the World of Wraidd Elfennol series.

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