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VBT, EXCERPT, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - The Moment Between by Gareth J. Frank

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#Psychological, #Thriller

After four years of mourning, Doctor Hackett Metzger is determined to stop letting his wife's death control his life. He is finally beginning to live again, but his recovery leads to an unexpected fight for his own survival and startling revelations about what happens to all of us in The Moment Between.

Hackett, a brilliant neurologist, is a skeptic. He doesn't believe he will one day be reunited with Jean, or dwell with God in heaven. What he does believe is that he should have seen the warning signs of her heart attack; he should have saved her. He also cannot accept the possibility that his clinical study of near death experiences could prove the existence of a conscious afterlife. When Hackett falls for the mother of a patient, grief finally begins to fade. But he has no idea his new love is hiding her dangerous past. Will Hackett's damaged spirit endure another heartbreak?

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The gravelly voice scratched Hackett’s memory, banging, scraping and popping just as it had that snowy night outside the hospital. Once again, he felt the force of the man’s knee on his neck. His heart pounded. He looked around the garage, thought first of finding a hammer or wrench on the work bench, but his eyes registered nothing within easy reach. He briefly thought of taking the man down with a chainsaw, as if he were in a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie. He felt the uncomfortable hiccup of a laugh bubble up inside of him. Without thinking, he grabbed and felt a cool, wooden handle among the garden tools.

Careful not to make a noise he lifted the pitchfork up and stared at it. In that moment, Hackett thought about all the times he had cut into human flesh. He had seen blood, he had seen death, but as a doctor, he had always strived to save life, not take it. Now, holding the pitchfork, he tried to convince himself this would be no different. He watched his hand shake, like a ninety-year-old patient holding a coffee cup. Could he do this? He wasn’t so sure. Noise within the house drew Hackett’s attention.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Not your average read

From the cover: As life and research collide, the good doctor discovers that the secrets of love and death just may be part of the same fabric.

Yes, he did, and it awakened my wonders of the same. Finally beginning to live again, Dr. Metzger’s near-death experience studies takes the reader on a captivating journey. This riveting psychological thriller with slowly fading grief and the right amount of suspense kept me readily turning the pages until the end of this magnificent story.

The uniqueness of the story grabbed me, and I’m glad I read it. Gareth Frank has a talent in not only creating characters that bring the story to life, but also in taking the reader through a scientific world with ease, teasing the mind of what we believe lives between life and death.

This is a book I’ll read again and again. Even knowing how it ends….

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Gareth Frank is a former union organizer and administrator. He received a Master's Degree at the University of Wisconsin and later studied at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The Moment Between is his first published novel. His short stories have been published in various journals and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize as well as the Silver Pen Write Well Award.


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