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Carnal Secrets Box Set by Vonna Harper

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#BDSM, #Dark, #Erotic, #Romance

Naked Nights

Her Submission

Taking Her Down

Whether a woman embraces submission or demands to be seen as independent makes no difference to the powerful men who control their lives. Being mastered by self-confident and complex doms becomes the women’s new, inescapable reality. Some willingly enter the shadowy training facility. Others are forced. But one thing is certain, lesson by lesson, everything they once believed about themselves changes.

Reader Advisory: These books contain scenes of dark erotica, kidnapping and abduction, and sex slavery. There are scenes of non-consensual sex, humiliation, dehumanization and violence. There are recalled scenes of attempted father/daughter rape as well as flashbacks of and references to physical and emotional abuse.

2 out of 5 (below average)

This box set comprises the first three stories in the Carnal Secrets series. All of the stories are very #DARK, with non-con sex, kidnap, abuse, to name just three. This is not a box set for the faint-hearted.

Out of the three, I thought Naked Nights was the strongest, with Taking Her Down as the weakest. All of the stories had mixed elements to them, some which I thought were well done, others, not so much. Taking Her Down though was too confusing from the start. There was no clear clarification about the whole story/role-play - with hints given about a possible supernatural element to the island and how it affects the characters, but nothing ever being said out loud or being made clear. Other characters definitely need more to them as they seem to play a big role, but then fade into the distance.

A box set to pass the time if you fancy something dark, but that won't make you think too deeply.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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Mild-mannered, mostly harmless, with out-of-control imagination. Loves mountains, early morning walks, and "hot" books. Has no marketable skills beyond writing which is no problem because there's nothing else she'd rather do. The product of the ultimate in a rural upbringing, Vonna has no interest in cities or pantyhose, but is passionate about plant nurseries and baseball. She's had over fifty books published, all but one fiction.

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#BDSM #Erotic #Dark #Romance #2Stars

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