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The Prince’s Prisoner (Feared Fables #2) by Isla Jones & Klarissa King

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A dark fae prince. A stolen human girl. And an unwanted marriage. Not all beasts can be redeemed…

Callie doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Too bad they believe in her. The fae whisk Callie and her friend off to be prisoners of an eternal dance. But Callie is stolen again. Maybe the eternal dance wasn’t so bad after all…

A lethal fae has taken her as his unwilling bride, and she has to balance between life and death in his castle, while finding a way out of the dangerous fae realm. Only, she’s playing games with the Prince of War.

The Prince learns just how far Callie will go to save her friend from a lifetime of torture—and just what she will do to save herself from his clutches.

Callie must escape the wicked prince before she turns from prisoner to prey. But as the prince himself tells her, ‘Sacrifice is no noble thing in the fae realm.’

Everything in the fae realm comes at a price…

The Prince’s Prisoner is a Dark Fae Retelling of the original Beauty and the Beast, and is the second book in the anthology series, Feared Fables. Can be read as a stand-alone. Please be aware of themes.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Yes! A brilliant twist on the classic beauty and the beast tale.

The Prince's Prisoner is an enchanting story that pulls you in and leaves you breathless. I spent a lot of time working out if I really liked Callie....I do, I just wasn't sure about some of her decisions.

Callie is a fab character, she's strong, daring and knows exactly what she wants. She'll do anything for the people that she loves, even if it means personal sacrifices.

The Fae Prince, Rain, sees something in her and likes her spark.....I can't help but swing between liking and disliking him and either way he's a dangerous person, he has powers and strikes a deal with Callie.

An ideal picnic read or chilling out at home, just don't go frolicking in the forest as you go.........It's not safe, especially if you start to dance!

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

When not writing, Klarissa can be found in bed poring over a great new release, or reluctantly walking her demanding dogs who pretty much run the house. She is not-so-secretly the writer, Isla Jones. Isla uses the pen-name Klarissa for fantasy and writing, while using Isla Jones for her darker, grittier horror works. Keep an eye out for giveaways and freebies, which Isla/Klarissa is fond of!

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Isla is a creme-egg addict, and isn't ashamed to admit it. She loves a good 'unlikable heroine' (though, she isn't fond of the term). Whether her female protagonists be wicked, cruel, cowardly, cunning, strong, or weak, Isla loves them all. When her characters can fight, it's realistic, and when they can't, they find other ways of getting what they want. Isla writes in various versions of English, depending on the setting of the book. One minute she's swimming in the world of Zs, lost in daydreams, tapping into the minds of her characters. Then, she's reading folklore and decides to write a series of unfortunate tales. Her pen-name KLARISSA KING is used to separate Isla's horror works from King's dark fantasy and fairy tale retelling (very dark, so tread carefully there!). Check it out!

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