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Heat's Night by Vonna Harper

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#BDSM, #Dark, #Erotic, #Romance

Hunger. Need. The Florida wilderness whispers the primal words and a modern man and woman hear them. She will submit. He will control. One hot summer night, two restless loners enter a remote Florida preserve. The wilderness surrounds them, claims them. They are there for one thing—to silence their separate sexual energies, but fate brings them together. The wilderness casts its primitive spell. High-powered CEO Raine Coello is desperate to break free of responsibility, to give her body to a masterful man. Despite his wealth, recently traded professional football player Klay Edelman must accept that the franchise considers him a possession. Dispensable. But not tonight, not with this beautiful, sexy and submissive stranger. She needs to be taken, possessed. He will control her. For one night. Reader advisory: This book contains mention of slavery and auctions. Publisher's Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been extensively revised for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Heat's night ignites fantasies and passion. It's a slow warmth burning to the surface and I love it!

I'd love to do what Raine and Klay do....let go....let out deep, dark desires, do things that have a taboo-ish mystery surrounding them....submit to the moment, the flash, each other. To feel like the only person in the world, to shake free from the daily binds of life and just experience freedom.

The characters do what I think most people want to do, take charge or hand over control. I like how it's not just a random quickie....It's primal and drawn out, it's good for body and soul....It's delicious!

A passionate adult, alone time read.

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Mild-mannered, mostly harmless, with out-of-control imagination. Loves mountains, early morning walks, and "hot" books. Has no marketable skills beyond writing which is no problem because there's nothing else she'd rather do. The product of the ultimate in a rural upbringing, Vonna has no interest in cities or pantyhose, but is passionate about plant nurseries and baseball. She's had over fifty books published, all but one fiction.

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#BDSM #Erotic #Dark #Romance #4Stars


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