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Swan Girl (Rifters #2) by Isa Briarwood

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#Urban, #Fantasy, #TimeTravel

Cate and Angus barely managed to escape from The Village, a way station for accidental time travelers. In order to save Angus’s life, Cate had no choice but to follow him to his timeline. But now Angus is healed, and despite the wondrous things he shows her, she has painful decisions to make. Her family exists in 1972, and she yearns to reunite with them. But to go back means leaving Angus behind, and she loves him more than she ever thought possible. Pulling at her conscience are the lives of thousands of rifters she vowed to rescue. They remain trapped by the malignant General Lyons, a man who views rifters as merely lab rats to exploit for financial gain. Cate and Angus are the only ones who have a chance of saving them, but this time they won’t be able to do it alone. Swan Girl is the second and final book in the Rifters series, bringing the adventure begun in A Drop of Blue to a stunning conclusion.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Swan Girl is the second book in the Rifters series, and although this book finishes perfectly, I'm holding out hope there is still more to come!

We reunite with Cate and Angus as they arrive in Ireland in 2083. This is a world completely unknown to Cate, and her struggles are real. Once Angus' parents are in the mix, things go a bit easier. This story is about choices - Cate's, Angus', and others.

It is incredibly well-written, with only a couple of moments when I had to go back and re-read something, just to be sure. The story wraps up nicely, bringing a tear to my eye! I loved how it all came together, but one of the best parts for me was when Cate when back to her time. What I want to know is what happens in the future with the knowledge she gave the doctor? See? I told you there should be more!

Full of action and adventure, this was a rip-roaring sequel that definitely fulfilled it's promise. Absolutely recommended by me.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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Isa Briarwood is the pseudonym for an author living in the Midwest of the United States. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and various other certifications and degrees in eclectic studies such as acupuncture, transpersonal hypnotherapy, feng shui, and energy medicine modalities. She’s an avid reader and people watcher, enjoys traveling, and has lived abroad. She is the author of A Drop of Blue and Swan Girl, both books in the rifters series.

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#Urban #Fantasy #TimeTravel #5Stars

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