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Blake Blacks Out (Differing Sexuality) by Rafe Jadison

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#Contemporary, #MM, #Romance

Blake is perfect. Well, at least he looks that way. Everyone loves him, and to Blake's frustration, everyone falls in love with him, or at least they say they do. Then something happens. Blake blacks out. In those most crucial of intimate moments, Blake blacks out. But after one hundred and one horrible dates, Blake gets an offer from the sexy Jerome who swears that he can handle him.

2 out of 5 (below average)

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This story is based around Blake, who blacks out during sex and is violent and confused when he comes round .

I found this story quite difficult to get into although it was only short, I just felt I couldn't connect with the characters or visualise what was being described.

I liked the premise that sex is not always perfect nor does it always go to plan so it was realistic in that sense.

I would have enjoyed a bit more of a build up and scene setting but I appreciate the story was not long.

All in all I was left a little underwhelmed

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Rafe Jadison is a relatively new eBook author who enjoys writing about many different types of people and situations, ultimately believing that we are all pretty much the same. He is author of Seduced by Shark Shifters, Seduced by Shark Shifters II: Logan’s Tail, Reap This, Blake Blacks Out, and Peter Passenger and the Mothman. He has lived in a variety of places, many of them by the water. You can find out more about Rafe at He looks forward to hearing from people legally old enough to read the things he writes.

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#Contemporary #MM #Romance #2Stars

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