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A Brat for Kinkmas (Naughty or Nice Season Three) by J.P. Sayle

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Can two men from different walks of life cross the barriers between them in order to find and keep love?

Beau Lester is a social butterfly in heels. He has it all—friends, family, and a job he loves—but wants more. When he meets Zivkovic, Beau believes the man is everything he wants and needs. Until Zivkovic disappears, crushing his heart. Then Ziv reappears, but will Beau be willing to pick up where they left off?

Brought up on the streets of Serbia, Zivkovic Zamen has fought hard to gain fear and respect from his peers. Life is all about knowing where the next attack might come from. Nothing can prepare him for dealing with an attack on his heart. Now he’s fighting for survival but he doesn’t know the rules of the game. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been because he’s got much more to lose─Beau.

A Brat for Kinkmas is an age gap, sizzling hot romance, with a Mafia Daddy and a boy who knows his own mind. It’s part of the Naughty or Nice Season Three multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many Daddies and boys finding their happily ever afters, why not grab them all?

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3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

This is part of the Naughty or Nice season three series and can be read as a stand-alone to all the other books.

I like my books heavier on the BDSM side, and I'm a fan of the Daddy/little dynamics. For the most part. But something about THIS book doesn't quite work for me, and I've no idea what! So, I'm just gonna leave it at that!

What I DID like, was that what Ziv does was never made fully clear! Oh the hints and clues are there, it says some legal and some not so, but never just WHAT, you know? I was expecting him to be some sort of super secret do-gooder! He's not, but he does throw his money about to get what he wants, and who he wants!

I love that we catch up with Patrick and Akker (Agrippa My Heart) and Jessie and Smithy (His Boy To Tease) The trio of friends are now happy with their Daddies, and all loved up, and I love that they are.

Steamy and smexy, but missing *something* but I don't know what!

3 stars

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Where does one start with about what I do?

I’m a writer, but I’m sure you guessed that by now if you’re reading this, hey? What you might not know is I’m a little quirky, live in my pj’s most of the time and have cake Saturdays with my sisters every week. I dedicate a little of my time to taking care of my grandbabies and on the dedicated writing days I like to write an eclectic mix of romance, suspense and paranormal fantasy. In the main I’ve written gay romance but I’m branching out under another the pen name in the future, so watch this space.

I’ve a passion for books like you would not believe and it led me down this path and now I’ve over 29 books released and heading towards releasing a whole lot more. The way my head is I never know where I’ll be headed next. I hope you’ll find a little joy in my words and follow me to see where the journey takes me and you.

If you’re interested at some point in 2021 I’ll be writing under the name JP Paton which will be F/M crime and Fantasy two of my favourite things. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

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