A Curse of Forever by Tessa McFionn

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Only true love can break the solitude of eternity.

Laurel Holgrave never believed her grandfather's campfire tales. Haunted houses didn't happen in her Lanchester, Maine hometown. However, twenty years later she now stands face to face with the sexiest man she's ever seen. Drawn to him like filings to a magnet, he claims to be the ghost of Black Bay Lighthouse. The rational reporter in her champs at the possible story, hungry for the respect and prestige. Too bad her heart has other plans.

Over three hundred years have crawled by for Nathaniel Myles Fairfax, cursed to exist in his lighthouse prison until the end of days. When a mysterious and beautiful late-night visitor slips into his secluded tower, he steps out of the shadows, the urge to sample her soft lips consuming him. Her vibrant light warms his fragmented soul, yet he knows he cannot tie her to his doomed fate.

Now his tomorrows hinge upon her yesterdays. But can love break the spell or will time torch their dreams?

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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Laurel has gone back to her happiest place from childhood. Her reasons for the visit not so much, as she is there for her beloved grandfather's funeral. Wanting to feel close to him, she goes to visit the black bay lighthouse - the setting of a story filled with love, betrayal heartbreak and more.

It's a beautifully written story. There are some sex scenes in there, a couple are a bit harsh, but the majority are soft and sensual. I didn't quite expect the ending to go how it did and I was hoping for a bit more to be honest. Fair enough, the villain got what he deserved but I was expecting it to go in a different direction. There is a lot of detail in the writing but it seems rushed almost as you get towards the end, like I've got details to get down, I'll cram it all in now. That's the only bit that disappointed me to be honest.

I would still recommend this book

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Tessa McFionn is a very native Californian and has called Southern California home for most of her life, growing up in San Diego and attending college in Northern California and Orange County, only to return to San Diego to work as a teacher. Insatiably curious and imaginative, she loves to learn and discover, making her wicked knowledge of trivial facts an unwelcomed guest at many Trivial Pursuit boards. When not writing, she can be found at the movies or at Disneyland with her husband, as well as family, friends or anyone who wants to play at the Happiest Place on Earth. She also finds her artistic soul fed through her passions for theatre, dance and music. A proud parent of far too many high school seniors and two still living house plants, she also enjoys hockey, reading and playing Words With Friends to keep her vocabulary sharp. She is currently the treasurer of the San Diego chapter of Romance Writers of America and loves spending time working with such amazingly intelligent and creative writers.

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