A Favor For a Favor by Nat Chelloni

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"Forget favors given; remember those received." - John Wooden

A time for love can't be more deadly...

Julia Leonardi thought she put her past behind her. The widow of a mobster, all she wants is to steer clear of the criminal elements. Then she meets Domenico Bonacci...

Dom is handsome, charming, and intense. The world knows him as a prominent businessman, but Julia sees him as everything she fought to escape.

Once the scion of a powerful Mafia family Dom left the world of organized crime after his father's death. And he swore he would never go back.

No matter how hard she tries, Julia can't seem to ignore the powerful spark of attraction between them and her growing feelings for him. But when Dom's shady past catches up with him, the two forbidden lovers find themselves trapped in a deadly game.

Will Dom renege on his vow and lose the woman he loves, or he will manage to break free of his past for once and for all?

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Julia is a young, beautiful widow.....a product of Mob life and misfortune. She has a strong personality and knows that she doesn't want to be part of that life. I like how she's quite relatable, many of us want to avoid taking the same path as our parents in one way or another and that's what Julia is doing.

Domenico is hot! Another child of the Mob but never a made man. He's smart, successful, strong family bonds and bowled over by Julia.

A Favor for a Favor creates an Italian/American world full of intrigue and romance. I couldn't put the book down for long before I was drawn back to it and I'm still thinking about it now. Each time I thought I was nearly done something else happened, another puzzle piece was slipped back in... love it!

So, if you like to have something that keeps you guessing, has murder, romance and surprises then look no further.

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Nat Chelloni is a TV personality, a screenwriter, a film critic, an avid book reader across all genres, and now a published author of a debut novel A Favor For a Favor. Nat's overactive imagination and a passion for storytelling have finally found an outlet. The author would love to hear from readers.

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