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A Siren's Finale: Part Three (Aria & the Seven Seas #3) by Gwyneira Blythe

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Am I a princess of the waters or is this my final siren’s song?

As death and betrayal sweep across our ship to clash with the South Pacific tribes, their solution to our troubles is a tournament. The games for my hand are in play, but when the mate-song hits, it’s from an unexpected source. I’m in hot water and my body knows it.

Midsummer looms high and time is running out to finalize peace. I know who my mates are, but are we destined to harmonize? Their attempt to bend the treaty may snap the ties that bind us. There’s only one who would dare to alter a contract. Our destination is inevitable with my last mate held where it all began—the Sea Witch’s lair.

The sea witch has a lot to answer for, but so too do the rulers of the seas. I’ve played their part, been their bait, and lured the sea heirs in their game. Will the pod I formed shatter under pressure?

The third and final act of Aria & the Seven Seas dives deeper into this siren’s journey. A Siren’s Finale is a 77K romance novel set in a fantasy-historical “why choose” world, where magic goes hand in hand with technology and people don’t have to settle for just one lover. Recommended for mature readers.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

A SIREN'S FINALE concludes Aria's story. And what a story it has been! Aria finally has her Pod together when the sea witch makes an appearance. Come on, we've all been waiting for it! Will Aaron get what he deserves? Will Aria get her HEA?

I have LOVED this trilogy. It is full of action and adventure, with plenty of connection between the main characters, and smut in between the sheets. Just what I needed! I will say though, at one point near the end, my heart was in my mouth and it wasn't for any in the Pod but Aria's papa. Good grief, Ms Blythe, I thought you were killing me then!

Fast-paced, with a great supporting cast, this was a fitting end to the trilogy. I'm hoping for more as I really want to find out what's going on with Ariella. And, of course, anytime I get to return to Wildeward is a good thing by me. I need to check in on the Alpha's Lodge, after all.

If you like things spicy and don't want to choose, then I HIGHLY recommend any book by Gwyneira Blythe!

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Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Gwyneira Blythe is a romance novel junkie with a love of all things witchy, paranormal, and historical, plus the occasional dashes of sci-fi when the mood hits.

She loves stroopwafels with her hot beverages, believes there will never be a thing as too much garlic, lives for ASMR music while writing, and deep down holds tight to the belief that magic is real and in all of us.

When she's not writing, it's a mad world of toddler tantrums, dogs barking, and a cat dashing underfoot all while sneaking kisses from the bemused husband.

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