Amethyst Flame (Butterfly Witch #2) by Elsa Jade & Erin Kellison

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Imogen Taylor: New art classes. New sister?! Maybe a new boyfriend... Still screwing up.

Keeping my witchy abilities secret is harder than you’d think. I only torment the deserving—like my minions at the Desert Freeze. But when a friend asks for a magical favor, what harm is a little mischief…especially if it comes with a side of romance?

It was all supposed to stay in Vegas. Except, of course, I’m being watched. And my nemesis, Mr. Secret Agent Man, has no sense of humor at all.

What he has is a mission for me—though I don’t recall signing up to risk my life. But sinister powers are rising, and I must infiltrate the enemy’s base to discover critical hidden intelligence. Dangerous obstacles and lethal adversaries block my path at every turn.

Sounds like a fun quest, right? But, no, this is now my life. Unless I screw it up…

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4 out of 5 (very good)

AMETHYST FLAME is second book in The Butterfly Witch series. We return to Mo as she heads out for a weekend in Vegas. She is still living with her mum and Manager at the Desert Freeze shop. Both her and her mum are still reeling from what happened at the end of the first book.

If I had to say what this book is about - in a nutshell - I would say trust. Or lack of it. Whatever. Basically, this whole book is a mindf*ck of who Mo can trust and rely on. There are secrets within secrets with all of them, but it is Mo on the frontline.

This book expands on what started in the first part, including a revelation about Mo's moths, and will absolutely leave you wanting more. My kindle nearly hit the wall with the ending and I can't wait for the next book!!!

An urban fantasy where the heroine doesn't have all sorted within five minutes. Highly recommended by me.

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ERIN KELLISON is the bestselling author of the Dragons of Bloodfire series, the Reveler series, and the Shadow series. She writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction romance. She loves other worlds and visits them as often as possible via movies and books and her kids' imaginations. When not daydreaming or writing, she's goofing off with her family in sunny Arizona. Find out more at

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ELSA JADE grew up reading SFF, buying the biggest books she could with her chore money. While she loved the action, adventure, and exciting worlds, most of those stories were missing…kissing! Now she reads and writes paranormal romance and science fiction romance which she thinks mix the best of all worlds.

She also writes urban fantasy romance as Jessa Slade and sexy contemporary romance as Jenna Dales.

She spends most of her time at her computer thinking about stories, in her garden thinking about stories, or walking her dog thinking about stories. Hmm, she thinks there’s a theme…

You can find her online at the social media sites below. If she's there, tell her to get back to writing!

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