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An Oddity of Some Consequence by Gary Dickson

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He has always lived in mystery; will she be the one to discover his secret?

Robert Valmer moves from Rome to Beverly Hills in 2015, where against his better judgment, he falls for Alexis Roth, PhD, psychologist to the stars. But Alexis wants to know everything. Start from the beginning, she says. The beginning? Can he really tell her about how he fled France during the French Revolution in 1789 or about Italy during World War II? If he tells her even a little, will she think of him as a liar or a freak rather than a lover?

He tries to deflect her probes, pleading shyness, but she knows that reticence is often the veil behind which secrecy lurks. His practice of stonewalling only further ignites her burning curiosity.

As the pressure for honesty mounts, he does what he’s always done—flee. But Alexis is not a lover to be easily dismissed. She follows him to Europe, determined to track him down for an explanation. Where can she start when her quarry doesn’t want to be found? Each clue she uncovers leads her deeper into intrigue.

An Oddity of Some Consequence is a glamorous tale of mystery, romance, and the fountain of youth.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Robert Valmer... handsome, intelligent.... International Man of Mystery.

The idea of living 'forever' is kind of tempting... but having read Robert's story I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it as well as he does. The need to constantly hold back and censor details of your life, avoiding leaving a trail that could expose you... might pass on that one!

I actually feel a bit sorry for Robert, although he's had relationships he's never managed to achieve true intimacy due to have this massive secret hanging over him. A secret that could lead to him being a science project for any government of whichever country he's currently in. No wonder he avoids getting too close to people.

Then there is Alexis... beautiful, intelligent, sharp and his match. She watches and works out her next move before saying too much. She's a fighter, if she wants it, she gets it... she definitely wants Robert but his... reticence in sharing details of his past casts doubts that aren't easily shaken.

An Oddity of Some Consequence is a well told story that takes us on a journey not too dissimilar to our own, but on a larger scale (hopefully we aren't all heading off to different countries to work things out though).

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Gary Dickson is an inveterate traveler and a Francophile sans merci. Educated in Switzerland in history, literature, and the classics, Gary lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Susie.

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