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Autumn Equinox 2022

Hey, everyone

Autumn has arrived in my little corner of Germany, which I am so grateful for! The temperatures are now bearable and I can start going on my walks again. And there's nothing better than returning from a cold walk to a warm drink and curling up with a good book! We have a few here for you this month, so hopefully, there is something that tweaks your interest.

Archaeolibrarian is closing for a week in October as I'm having a family-fun week in Denmark! I've never been and can't wait. Don't worry though. Our next newsletter will be going out on 31st October, so please subscribe to ensure you don't miss out on any deals. Also, if you have a new release or a sale, you can either join our Facebook group Archaeolibrarians Book Group or email so you can be included in the newsletter. Don't forget, if you would like to become an Archaeolibrarian, just read through what you need to do on the website!

Until next time, take care and stay healthy!


Reece (The Hawks, #5) by Jennie Lynn Roberts

She’s everything he doesn’t want. Honorable. Beautiful. Strong… wait, what?

Reece lost everything. Twice. Now, he finally has a chance to earn back his place with the Hawks. There’s only one problem: he has to work with Daena. He doesn’t trust her. He doesn’t even like her. And if his beast would just shut up about how perfect she is, that would really help.

If there’s one kind of man Daena’s learned to stay well away from, it’s a handsome liar. But the more Reece reveals—the more she glimpses the vulnerable soul he’s hidden for so long—the closer she wants to get.

But now is not a good time to get close to anyone. Reece and Daena are undercover on a dangerous mission. They’re surrounded by enemies and one wrong move could mean catastrophe.

Can they let go of the past and find a future, standing strong together? Or will they fall, and take the kingdom down with them?

Reece, the final book in The Hawks series, is a sexy, steamy, enemies to lovers, adult fantasy romance full of swords, shifters (kind of), and tons of action. But fair warning: This book is intended only for readers who love fast-paced adventure, soul mates and found family—and characters who curse when they fight for survival. If that’s you, happy reading.

Release Date: 24th August 2022

#Adult, #Fantasy, #Romance, #Adventure,


Roman's Gift by S.H. Pratt

Roman D’Angelo is a survivor.

He thrived through foster care. He excelled in the Navy. He survived his last mission as a Navy Seal. But can his gift for thriving and surviving withstand temptation?

A single question. A daring song and dance. An auburn-haired beauty with Marilyn Monroe curves and captivating eyes.

Temptation’s name is Juliette.

Will he fall for temptation?

Will he survive the fall?

To taking a chance…

And not having it suck.

To taking a chance that temptation is the greatest gift of all.

Release Date: 16th August 2022

#Contemporary, #Romance,


Sealed with a Curse by Morgan Sheppard

A kingdom in mourning… Six princes turned dark in their grief… One maiden holds hope to save them.

Selene, the Swan Herder for the kingdom of Melthkior, once filled her days in the company of the Royal Family. She grew up as a companion for the Princes of the kingdom, and they enjoyed close friendships. But when the Queen died during the birth of her sixth son, everything changed. The King fell into mourning, and the Princes turned dark and cruel in their grief.

Now, as a maiden, Selene must endure the brutal mockery and abuse from those she once called friends. Her only allies are her beautiful swans and those on the kitchen staff who love her. Until the mysterious Conway appears and seems determined to be a part of her life.

Conway is fascinated by the girl with the silver hair and dismayed by how she is treated. He welcomes her into his heart, and Selene slowly begins to trust what she feels is real.

Can Conway show her a different way of life, or will she stay stuck in a cycle of suffering? And when the Gods become involved, a curse strikes the six Princes of Melthkior. Will Selene choose to help them, or leave them to their fate?

Release Date: 21st September 2022

#Fantasy, #RomanticElements, #FairytaleRetelling, #BrothersGrimm,


Does My Voice Matter?: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Authenticity, and Empowerment by Cynthia James

We live in a critical and oftentimes violent world. People are afraid to talk about what they feel, think, or believe. They withhold energy for fear of being ridiculed, punished, or excluded. They hide their deepest dreams and desires away and cover them up with doubt, insecurity, old experiences, and fears. Cynthia James know this—because that was her experience.

Covering seven decades of living, traveling, and growing, Does My Voice Matter? follows James’s journey of self-discovery and authenticity as she gradually recognizes that she has a voice—and learns how to use it. She uses her own life experiences as a backdrop for her exploration of how the voice is used as a tool of engagement; how a singular or collective voice can enhance empowerment, transparency, and accountability; and, finally, how expression can develop new ideas, shift cultures, political views, transform organizations, create laws, and improve lives.

Written for anyone who wants to discover the power within that makes them special, Does My Voice Matter? has a vital message: Uniqueness is your own glorious imprint on this planet, and it is calling you to come out. It doesn’t matter if your awakening is large or small, it doesn’t matter what your age, race, religion, or history is—anyone can begin right where they are, right now.

Release Date: 27th September 2022

#SelfHelp, #Motivational,


Stranger Shores (Dalya, #3) by Katie Zaber

Busy learning how to kill with her gift of life, Princess Megan craves time to practice how to heal, but knows that only death will win the upcoming war.

For the first time in Megan’s life, she has fallen in love, and with the wrong man, at that. As much as she loves Mana, will she have to end their relationship to keep her promise to the soon-to-be king of the Syreni, Prince Aenon?

Meanwhile, Kevin is busy preparing for his child with Dana and trying to keep Megan out of trouble. When Brynjar takes him to the Saoirson Fighters’ hideout, he realizes he knows nothing and if he wants answers, he’ll have to talk to people he never expected to meet and never wanted to.

On Earth, Carmia is learning what makes this foreign world spin. She discovers an island with inhabitants that appear primitive but are more sophisticated than anyone on Dalya. Their technology is more advanced than the inventions in her dreams. She flirts with the idea of staying on Earth forever until tragedy sends her sailing back to Dalya and into a deadly storm. She promises to return and never leave Earth again.

At the same time, the king of the Paradise Kingdom and secretly all of Dargone, Megan’s father, plans his next move against his daughter, giving her a surprise she will never expect.

Release Date: 23rd September 2022

#Dark, #Fantasy, #Romance,

Stranger Shores has a preorder price of $1.99. It will stay that price until the 25th at which point it will increase to $4.99.


PSL (Holidays of Love #2) by Ellen Mint

One hot lumberjack, a rustic cabin in the woods, whipped cream and lattes, princes, magic, and fairy wings. This is not the vacation I wanted, but it might be the one I need.


After a broken heart, I had to get away from the city. Escaping to a cabin in the woods deep into autumn sounded perfect. Peace. Solitude. Just me, my books, and my coffee fix. Next thing I know a gorgeous man chainsawing downed trees is sweeping me off my feet.

Literally, as it turns out he’s a fairy. Not just any fairy either. No, he’s a freaking Prince in exile.

Now I’m trapped in the kingdom of the autumn fairies while assassins lurk in every shadow. Every day Scott, who rose to fill in for the ill King, slips further from me. Time is ticking and soon I’ll have to return home. The question is will the once-disgraced Prince, sweet as caramel and sinful as cinnamon, come with me.


There are few regrets I wear harder in my heart than what led me to abandon my throne, my people, my kingdom. When I was banished to the human realm, I thought to live out my days protecting the forests. That changed the day this breathtaking human in leggings approached me.

In her, I found that which I thought was lost forever, home. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a body worthy of worship either.

I never anticipated a return to my kingdom, much less dragging a human with me. Now, I have an opportunity to regain everything I lost. But, after all this time I find myself wondering if being king of the autumn fairies is what I truly want or if my heart aches for another.

This novella is a celebration of all things autumn. Grab a blanket, pour yourself a warm drink, and snuggle by the fire to fall in love.

On #SALE for only $0.99 until 23rd September

#Fantasy, #Romance, #Novella,


Ashes and Blood (Dalya #1) by Katie Zaber

You can travel the same path countless times, but it can sometimes lead to another realm.

A mystical tree captures the attention of Megan and her friends, morphing the surrounding environment, transferring them to an exotic planet with bloodthirsty creatures. Saved from the deadly beasts by hunters, Megan finds herself stuck in a rural town still maimed by the plague. A chance encounter with a familiar face gives Megan and her friends some security during their adjustment to this new world.

While settling into promising lives, they are stalked and attacked by planet Dalya's humanoid inhabitants, who focus solely on Megan. One dark night, after a magical attack, the Fae King's knight is sent to fetch Megan for a reason she can't possibly guess. When she wakes up a prisoner, she learns that there is much more to this strange place, and it's oddly more like home than she ever would have expected.

The more Megan learns about the strange world of Dalya, the more she realizes, finding a way home is insignificant compared to everything else at stake.

#FREE EBOOK - 23rd and 24th September

#Dark, #Fantasy, #Romance,


Below Dark Waters (Dalya #2) by Katie Zaber

Princess Megan, who never had a reason to assume she was anything but human, has been on the run, protected by her friends. With each step toward the city of Delmont, she hopes they will have time to regroup before setting sail to the Ka’Pamau Islands, their final destination. Instead, her bad luck shadows her and chaos continues to ensue everywhere she goes—including a new part of the world that most air breathers have yet to explore.

Confronted with another royal family and a smitten prince whose advances turn cold, she faces another life-altering decision with ramifications she can’t possibly begin to guess at.

Back on land, Lilly reveals more of her secrets, her story, and her goals. Monumental changes and challenges are headed her way as she embraces her new role in life.

On the sea, Aunt Carmia is stirring up trouble while continuing her hunt for the treasure she most desires. She experiences upheavals, but she is always prepared for the unknown.

As their stories unfold, they remain unaware how fate connects them in the world of Dalya.

On #SALE for only $0.99 until 25th September

#Fantasy, #Romance, #Novella,


Zephyr (Phoenix Warriors #1) by Bethany Shaw

The invasion has begun, and I'm the only one who can stop them.


I’ve made it my mission to stop the aliens that have been terrorizing the galaxy. Their next target is Earth. My objective is to save as many lives as I can. But when I meet Addison, I see my soul mate. The last thing I need is a distraction. It seems fate has other things in mind.


Stranded in a remote location during an alien invasion was the last thing I expected when I ventured on a field trip with a bus full of second graders. Everyone is turning to me for answers. It’s a role I didn’t ask for and don’t want, but I must protect everyone I can. The aliens are closing in and we have nowhere to run when a fiery phoenix swoops in to save the day — literally. There’s not just one alien species on the planet, but two. I need to convince the hot phoenix shifter to help us save the planet. If I fail, our planet will be blown up.

#FREE until 22nd September 2022

#ScienceFiction, #Shifter, #Romance,



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