Bad Moon Rising (The Crown's Wolves #1) by Zoe Forward

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They are the ultimate weapon. The ultimate secret. They are the Crown’s wolves.

Lycan Roman Lanzo and his brothers are bound—by magic, no less—to serve the Crown of England. All he knows is honor, violence, blood, magic, and death. Which is exactly when he finds her. A rare female Lycan, gorgeous, fierce, powerful, and with no memory of who or what she is. Now everything in Roman’s blood wants to help her, protect her, and—damn it all to hell—want her.

Nova woke knowing only that her leather Goth get-up was riding up in the wrong places, and that she had to find Roman. Since then, every moment is a new and unsettling insight into her gifts, her dangerous skills, who she is, and what she wants…including this daunting, muscled Lycan whose name is tattooed on her skin.

But the Crown knows all about Nova. What she is, what she can do, and just how brutally dangerous a female Lycan can become. Now they want her put down for good. And they have their perfect weapon of choice… Roman

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4 out of 5 (very good)

BAD MOON RISING is the first book in The Crown's Wolves series, and let's start with the fact that the Crown is a complete douche with (probably) criminal ties to a syndicate.

Okay, moving on. Nova wakes with no memory of who or what she is. She just has a name tattooed on her wrist, plus a mobile that keeps giving her instructions. She follows the instructions (possibly the only time in the book) and finds Roman. Then the story really gets going as people blow up and we enter a world of lycanthropes and magic.

Now, stick with me here because this may not sound good, but this was a confusing book. There is SO much going on and the reader has no idea about any of it. This is normal though for the first book in the series. There is always a lot of world-building to do, but there is LOT in here. Bad Moon Rising hosts a number of characters, some dead, that you will learn about, plus lifestyles, weaknesses, etc.

Don't think you will walk away knowing what's going on though. Oh, no! This is not a book for those who like everything tied with a neat bow at the end. This series is only just getting started and you will be left with more questions than answers.

A great book though with an individual storyline and take on the paranormal world, and one I can't wait to continue.

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Zoe Forward is a hopeless romantic who can’t decide between paranormal and contemporary romance. So, she writes both. Her novels have won numerous awards including the Prism, Readers' Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers' Best Award.

You can find her residing in the South with a menagerie of four-legged beasts and two wild kids.

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