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VBT & #Giveaway: Binary Logic by Tracy Ross

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Binary Logic is the perfect merge of content and form—exploring concepts of literary genre with revelatory narrative. It is a collection of tales touching on relational dysfunction, the conflicts inherent in addiction and fear, and the legacy of female future time lords. The stories all create a bridge between the reckoning imagination and the spirit of free will and self-made destiny. Binary Logic quietly asks the question, “Where is the mind of our species headed and what is the next quantum leap of human consciousness?”

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Trish McAlester had been on the road for days. She was headed down that freeway, somewhere between forgotten yesterdays and no tomorrows, somewhere between here and now and ignorance is bliss. The convertible was speeding evenly across the paved and repaved highway known as America’s Mother Road. She was heading from Chicago to Los Angeles and had a dead Elvis in her trunk. How it got there, was a faint memory now.

Somewhere between Chicago and St. Louis, it became a blur. She just knew now she felt a great weight lifted off her chest. She thinks there might have been an Elvis convention in downtown Chicago and an impersonator in the parking lot. The man had put his cigarette out on Trish’s car hood, and she thinks she might have shot him with her small .38 caliber.

Where do you find inspiration for your characters?

I read Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan when I was very young. It really inspired me to take a scientific view of where we have been and where we have the potential of going. At one point, the book speaks about the information quotient of our DNA memory passed down from generations of being on this planet. It also refers to it as a human library of genetic data that we carry around with us everywhere we go, perhaps assisting us in our survival, choices, responses, and emotions.

For the longest story in Binary Logic entitled, “Lady's Code” I wrote a story under the basic assumption that the female mitochondria that is only indicative of our gender, could be a universal language that communicates something larger than just genetics. What if it is an encoded message of some kind?

This brought me into the realm of a really good science fiction story with a female main heroine by default who is the envoy of her species who is ultimately the matriarch of everyone—kind of like Lucy, the ancient Australopithecus they discovered decades ago. This mitochondrial energy would probably resemble a tensional force also that could alter space-time because it is like a photon, both a particle and a wave. This is why the female protagonist in “Lady's Code” is a time lord and ultimately has the ability to shift through the folds of time.

This idea of a female protagonist also brought me to the realization that all things must be binary down to its absolute value—either a positive or negative and could somehow work in the favor of the evolutionary intelligence of a species, such as human beings. So, to make a long story short, I have Carl Sagan, my own mother, and mitochondria to thank for the inspiration for my characters.

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Tracy Ross is the author of three poetry volumes and the fictional narrative Certainty of One—A Tale of Education Automation. Her latest work, Binary Logic is a short story collection which touches on many genres—surrealism, horror, magic realism, and science fiction. In Binary Logic she tries to not be tethered to one type of story but attempts to explore the metaphors and symbols behind the dualities of choice, free will, and decision.

Ross is a graduate of Augsburg University's MFA program and is a life-long student of the metaphysical behind language as well as consciousness studies. She has lived in Detroit, Chicago, and the Boundary Waters Canoe area in upper north Minnesota. As a youngster she progressed straight from Judy Blume books to Franz Kafka, making a giant leap into existentialism by the age of nine. She is also a student of film and popular culture, working on a new book of essays on life, liberty, and the pursuit of media. She currently lives and works in Minnesota.





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