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Blood King (Heart Stones #1) by J.P. Sayle

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Can two fated souls survive murder, lies, and treachery?

As heir to the throne of Dreemskerry, Aion must reach his thirtieth cycle to claim the throne. But his world is shattered when he returns home from his quest to find a bloodbath. With scores dead, and many more vampire soldiers, magic users, and humans missing, Aion has no choice but to flee. His goal? To avoid becoming the next victim of the faceless foe that ravaged his family. Fate steps in by bringing Aion to his fated mate, Shiesha. But mystery surrounds Shiesha, making Aion wonder if their meeting is a gift or a curse. Hunted and on the run, he has no choice but to place his trust in the fates and his mate if he wants to survive and discover who—or what—slaughtered his people. Blood King: part one of the Heart Stones Series is a paranormal MM romance, where nothing is as it seems for a vampire and shifter, fighting to reclaim something that was lost that will change their lives forever. This book ends on a cliffhanger.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

I'm not gonna write a bit about this book. I'm not gonna rehash any sort of plot line, but what I am gonna say is this:


Sayle has a particular way of messing with my head, she leaves me with question after question. Mostly, questions I cannot voice, but my head knows it has questions and Sayle drives me freaking nuts about it!

So, once I got over my spit-your-dummy-out, throw-your-toys-out-the-pram and I'll-scream-and-scream-and-scream-until-I'm-sick kind of tantrum, here's what I thought about this book.

So good, this first book in a new series, a very different book than of late for Sayle and I read this and flung my kindle at the wall and my partner looked at me like I grew a third head!

Why, you ask? Because questions, people, I have a lot, A LOT of freaking questions about this book and it's taken me 3 days to manage to write something about this book that actually makes sense!

I am, however, fairly certain that I will not be the only one why has questions, hell, I'm not even sure if Sayle has all the questions, let alone the answers to everything that was NOT said here.

Because while you get everything you need about Aion and Shiesha NOW, there is much, so (I really wanna use the Fword here but some sites don't like that, but I need to stress the point!) freaking MUCH, that is not said. About who Aion and Shiesha are running from, about what happened to Aion's family, about who Shiesha really is, about WHAT he is! And those bloody monks? Cryptic or what! But those monks, I understood. They are bound by a higher power and sworn to secrecy. Aion and Shiesha have all the answers, they just need to listen to their hearts to find them.

And then we get to the ending! A cliff hanger, people, of massive proportions! I knew this was coming, the blurb says so, but still. I had 10 minutes left in the book and then it was finished and sheesh, I was not happy! There is a teeny tiny bit that happens next, a bit of an epilogue slash sneak peak but I would rather have not had that, to be honest! I think it would have had a bigger reaction from people to not have that sneak peak, and I am left a little . . .annoyed . . .maybe. . . by it! I don't know WHY, but book feelings, people, I'm sharing my book feelings!


Because I have questions;

because I read it in one sitting;

because I threw my kindle at the wall (and it's been a long ass time since I did that!)

because of that freaking cliff hanger;

because, even, of that sneak peek;

because it's my review and I can. . .

5 freaking amazing stars!

But write quicker, Ms Sayle.



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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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