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VBT & #Giveaway: Brass Tabby by Rowan Helaine

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#Contemporary, #Romance, #DarkComedy,

It’s loathe at first felony for the man with no future and the girl with no past. Left blind and gruesomely scarred following a horrific accident, former golden boy Grant Harcourt isn’t looking for new friends when a snarky ball of hellfire dives into the back of his chartered car. Scrappy street artist Enola Fothergill is just trying to survive, and she definitely doesn’t need the attention that association with the Harcourt clan could bring. A bungled carjacking sparks a slow-burning passion, but when Nola’s murky former life catches up with her, they’ll both have to decide how far they’re willing to go for love.

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Howling At The Moon:

Grant craned his neck to inhale the dry tang of an approaching electrical storm, feeling an unexpected thrill go through him. She didn’t seem like the type to check the weather before doing anything, so there was a strong possibility that if she didn’t head home, the rain would keep her in one place. As embarrassing as it was to admit, she never really left him anyway. If she hadn’t shown up when she did, he would have spent the last four hours before sunrise staring up at the ceiling and thinking about her before he finally fell asleep. “So. How was work?”

“Long,” she said. An instant later, she tipped back her head and let loose with a sonorous howl. The sound carried for a while, across the broad expanse of the lawn before it echoed off the tightly packed cedar hedge at the edge of the property. He could hear the way the sound struck the trunks of the trees and bounced back, barely a whisper on the return.

Grant laughed, genuinely laughed, for the first time he could remember. “What the hell was that?”

She responded with another howl, louder this time, projecting her voice into the sky. Leaning against him, she nudged him with her shoulder. “Go ahead. Try it.”

3 Ways indie authors can improve self-publishing.

1. Invest in good help, rather than being satisfied with a mediocre product. I think a lot of people are under the mistaken impression that an author sits alone on an island and cranks out a book. But a novel, much like raising a child, takes a village. The difference between a meh story and a five star read often comes down to whether you’re willing to submit your work to beta readers and actually use their comments, hire a professional editor, and a proofreader, so you don’t have any nasty surprises after you hit “publish”. A properly done book should pass through many hands before it’s done, and that’s how you turn out a good product.

2. Back each other up. One of the most wonderfully surprising aspects of self-publishing for me has been the support I’ve received from other writers. They’ve given me tips and even names of online reviewers willing to read my book and help get it out there to readers. The help of other authors has been invaluable in this process.

3. Never make the mistake of comparing yourself to others. The saying goes that comparison is the thief of joy. I think we’re all guilty of doing that from time to time, creating a competition where there exists none. While there are certainly some writers who I look on with envy, but I can’t let that get in the way of what I’m doing or I won’t get anything done. Just do you. Be yourself, and put your own voice into your work. Don’t try to be someone else.

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Born and raised in New England, Rowan is currently leading a semi-nomadic existence in the company of her aggressively affectionate hound dog Filburt and a hardy Finnish sourdough starter. She enjoys solo travel, rescue animals, men, and carbs.

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